Friday, November 14, 2014

A booster seat for our big girl.

SS is very happy with her Britax Frontier 90 booster seat, AKA validation that she is a big girl. P told me that the booster is for kids up to 120 lbs. a weight SS will never achieve, not even in adulthood or during pregnancy. This one should be good for another five years. We chose this booster based on safety, SS thinks it's the best option because it has cup holders.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

SS had a good Halloween.

Abuela texted inquiring if we are OK due to the lack of Halloween pictures.  We are still alive and well, just a little busy and that means less time to blog. SS woke up at 6:15 a.m. yesterday on her own, with a smile on her face, and wished us a Happy Halloween. The magic of costumes and candies.

Here is our red Power Ranger Megaforce proudly holding the really cool saber Baba had shipped in two days to complete her outfit. I learned how important the Megaforce part is, because the Power Rangers have gone through several reincarnations. To SS the Megaforce gang is IT, and repeated this fact only a few hundred times throughout the day.

With Principal R and ready for Flag Day and the very anticipated parade.

Flag Day is every freaking Friday. Why couldn't they skip on Halloween and allow the kids to enjoy showing off their costumes and sharing with each other? Instead an hour was consumed with... Dude, I have no idea what took an hour. I remember wear some sort of light, never go trick or treat on your own, never eat your candy before Mom and Dad inspect it (ouch if you have a single parent), and DO NOT bring candy Monday or it will be thrown away.

SS is always making super hero poses, but what a thrill for her when she can do it wearing a costume. Just witnessing her unadulterated joy filled my emotional tank for weeks. Even if I had to endure that silly Flag Day nonsense. Also, it annoys me when the kids are instructed to place their hands over their hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance. In my case, for religious reasons that is a no no, and I'm sure there are others there. DO NOT insist my child does something without consulting me first. JJ didn't and neither will SS. They are as American as the other kids, and no less patriotic (as if the kids have a clue what that means), they just have one parent raised with a different set of beliefs. Last time I checked I have the right and freedom to pass those on to my children, until they are old enough to understand and decide on their own. And my adult son tells me it is the right call because it allowed him to understand not just follow blindly. BTW, I have never seen P do the hand over the heart thing in twenty years, and no one accusses him of being unpatriotic.

This is why the no mask edict doesn't work. Without a mask, this kid's costume would be a black cape, big yawn. And good to see it because while P felt no qualms about the mask, I kinda felt guilty.

Exhibit 2, a one piece costume. That is one cool costume.

And finally the kids had their parade, which consisted of walking around the building. YAWN.  But SS does not know any better and seemed to enjoy herself, and having me walk around taking her picture.

SS with her classmate T, a blue Power Ranger Super Megaforce.  Friday was T's last day as he and his mother moved to the Midwest to be near family.  Happy for them to have relatives worth moving for to have that comfort.

After school SS was busy carving her pumpkin. Once Baba came home it was time to do the Mall trick or treat. SS was fascinated with the pink version of her costume. She followed the girl for a while stating how amazing the red PRM is over the pink one. The girl was smart and got away from SS as soon as she had the opportunity.

As I mentioned the Power Rangers have had several reincarnations. SS knows them all and would say hi to the other kids dressed in PR costumes. This picture is a hoot because the boy is much older than SS, but still stopped to talk when SS recognized his "vintage" character, Red Mighty Morphine Power Ranger. Then his mother insisted we take a picture because he does a great pose.

SS once again saying hi to one of her peeps.

I have only worn a costume once, in first grade, an astronaut. Take in consideration my age, girls were not thought of as astronauts then. My classmates were rather nasty about why it was silly for a girl to be wearing a boy's costume. I am glad that SS gets kudos, even from boys about her super hero choices. And for the first time since first grade I wore something for Halloween, as a shout out to my baby girl and Mami. They are the two strongest, smarter, influential women in my life. SS was shocked and elated, while P was stunned that I would even go there. I obviously do not have a problem making a fool out of myself, I just don't do costumes. It made my SS happy and thus made me happy.

LOVE this pose, SS has a thing for posing on benches.

SS is so proud of her saber and would show it to every candy giver. Except that having a kid shove a toy weapon on your face unexpectedly can be startling. We thankfully made it out of the Mall without having SS detained.

And that was it for our evening. P and I had planned an outing that evening but were too tired to go. Aging really sucks big time. SS had a long day, wiped out at around 9:00 p.m. and slept until 10:00 this morning. She had a long but good day, mission accomplished.

SS wanted me to take a video of her moves to send to P. Then she ended up with these kids around her. It's funny because there were so many Power Rangers around, but kids were drawn to her. Maybe because she is a girl wearing the not pink costume? Odd.

SS showing off her saber and moves.