Saturday, April 30, 2011

The sun is shining, time to get ready for summer.

We are sun, sand and surf creatures. Summer is around the corner and we can't wait. Baba bought SS a Buzz camping chair and as you can see below, she did not like it.

OMG, a Sonic cherry limeade on my cup holder!

Post #24 of Spring Fling.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The one where I sorta cheat.

It's a good thing that M3 did not impose stringent rules on her Spring Fling, because I am about to sort of cheat. I arrived home a little while ago, kissed my waiting bundle of (rightful) resentment, and am about to do a face plant. I am still feeling poorly. But if all 4 of you stick around (I think we may have gained one extra reader due to Spring Fling), in the words of the Terminator, "I'll be back." And that is as of tomorrow, because even though she seems easy going, I do not want M3 to kick me out of the Spring Fling fun (said totally tongue in cheek). :)

Post #23 (unless M3 lays down the law) of Spring Fling.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have you ever received an Easter egg in the mail?

We have not, but SS received a surprise in the mail from Michelle. And boy was SS excited about this very special egg that came straight to her mailbox. No annoying kids vying for it as well. When we said we were bunnied out, little did we know that SS still had one more Easter egg left. Thank you Michelle for remembering our daughter. We were impressed since it never occurred to us that the postal service would accept irregularly shaped items. Very clever.

(Im)patiently waiting for Baba to remove the securing tape from her egg.

Yeah, Baba is back with my treat!


The egg was packed with goodies, Sweet Tarts, Apple Sours, Banditz bands, and 2 stamps. Amazing what one can get in there.

Post # 22 of Spring Fling.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baba does not mean grandfather.

P and I were discussing how people seem more willing to approach me and SS versus approaching him and SS. People usually feel more comfortable approaching a woman alone with a child than a man alone with a child. It's just one of society's unwritten but well known quirks. In our case, it also helps that SS cannot complete a sentence without saying Mama several times. It is hilarious, like she is going for an all time record on how many times she can say Mama in a day. Even though someone may initially think that I am her grandmother, nanny or random family friend, SS unknowingly sets them straight.

P and SS had a sans Mama outing to Co$tco recently. SS was in the shopping cart (still the rule around here), and when she was separated from P at the register, she pointed to P and told the clerk that he was her Baba. The clerk turned to P and asked "You are her grandfather?" Poor P, this is the second time that he has been asked that question. How could anyone think that the youthful hotness that is my husband could be SS's grandfather? Then again, if JJ were to have a child, that would make P one hot, young grandfather. But we are not there yet...

I never thought P would have a hard time with the passage of time. Isn't that pretty much female territory? But every so often he drops comments about aging, or how he is not as young as he used to be. I find him more attractive now, than when most people thought I was committing a felony. The only reason those two persons thought he was SS's grandfather, well, truly, it's because they are morons. There really is no other explanation. Coupled with their intellectual limitations, not many are used to the term Baba. Most young children use it to refer to their bottles. Mama is universal, Baba not so much. So don't fret my pet (how's that for payback P?), you are still as hot as you were the day we met.

I am back to doing the morning routine because to force P and SS to coexist early in the morning is an insurmountable task. We are likely to see an Israel - Palestine agreement before getting those two to work together first thing in the day. I hate how the sun messed up the pic, but at least she is smiling. We need to get window shades for SS again.

Now that SS is (in her mind) a full fledged staff member of Baba's lab, she enjoys taking advantage of the perks. First stop, the lunch room, where SS does not have to worry about someone having a Toy Story snack container or identical straw cup.

Next stop is her desk, SS is now a pro at getting on the adult chair. How rude of them not to order an SS size chair.

SS obviously likes looking at herself while at work.

Post #21 of Spring Fling, hoping this nasty cold does not mess up my streak.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter brunch.

Since we had reservations for 2:00 p.m. (we procrastinated big time this year), SS had a lot of time to play with her TS Easter loot. She also has a Sn00py basket waiting in the van. We will have to figure out when to give it to her. Since SS was dressed in pink in most of the previous pictures, we chose to go with primary colors. The dress she's wearing was a gift from P's sister, and we think it resided in SS's closet for almost two years. About time for SS to wear her gift.

SS squealed with joy when she saw broccoli on her plate. The girl had her pick of all kinds of gooey, kid friendly food, and there were sweets galore. Nope, SS stuck to her scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and broccoli. Of course SS threw back a few virgin Mimosas. We are wondering how long before SS realizes the evils of vegetables.

All pictures taken with the cell phones, yucky quality.

Baba and his bunny.

Yummy broccoli.

In an effort to encourage others to treat SS as the four year old big girl she is, we are doing the same. Still, I was very nervous having her use a booster. SS moves around a lot and I fear a head injury if she takes a dive.

I left the purse in the car and neither one of us felt like walking back to get SS's bib. We made do with the napkin, and SS managed to keep her dress clean.

Always hamming it up.

Post # 20, only ten more to go.

Monday, April 25, 2011

SS liked her Buzz Easter bucket.

Since we could not find a Buzz basket for SS we made our own. It was full of crap that SS really has no use for, but that is what Easter is all about. We just love how her beautiful face lit up upon seeing her loot.

Really, for me?

I could not resist the Storm Trooper Pez dispenser, the only non TS item in the bucket.

Post #19 of Spring Fling. We might actually pull this off.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter; don't know about you, but we are absolutely bunnied out.

We are aware that bunnied is not a word, but that is exactly how we feel, freaking bunnied out. On Wednesday, after a quick wardrobe change, we met P at the mall for SS's bunny picture. She marched right in and made small talk with the Easter bunny while the camera person was setting up.

After the bunny picture SS requested to have her picture taken in front of the fountain. The kid knows she is photogenic and milks it.

I am so glad P made it and as a result we had a smiling SS.

Now I can get over the non smiling picture from last year. We really wanted to do a re-shoot, but instead we ended up at Urgent Care when when I almost decapitated our daughter.

Her first Easter bunny picture in 2009. Gosh, she has grown and changed so much since then.

Post #18 of Spring Fling.