Monday, August 22, 2011

Raging River

Last Monday we returned to the water park for some more fun. JJ's favorite ride is the Raging River and it was not working the day before. Much to our delight it was up and raging and we got to go quite a few times, further annoying our daughter. I have seen many kids SS's size on that ride, and we had a three seater inner tube. Not my wisest move but I asked P is we could try it, since SS really wants to join in the big ride fun. P immediately nixed the idea, his main concern was not drowning, it would be a wipe out and the damage it could cause if one or both of us rolled over SS. Sorry my 30-pounder, Maybe next year. We did bribe reward SS with a cherry Icee. I think we are temporarily forgiven. Michelle, good job noticing SS's teed off mug, our girl needs to come out of her shell and tell us how she really feels.

We really thought we were going to take that poor kid out.

SS is the ultimate drama queen, she has the gall to complain about water in her eyes, while wearing well fitted goggles. Her teenage years are going to be a painful time for us.

JJ taught SS how to push off the wall, and SS spent the next 10 minutes "practicing," while JJ and Baba were at the RR.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We enjoyed being in the toilet bowl, then decided to ride an avalanche.

We had a very low start this morning, as you can see below. It is the only picture you are going to get because SS is the only one who looks stunning even when disheveled. We need for Grandpa to send SS another T-shirt in her current size, because she is big trouble and the world deserves a warning.

Yes, SS is wearing C@rs pull ups and yes, they are for boys. Thankfully for her, we do not care where the extra padding is located. SS usually wakes up dry.

We finally made it out by 1:00 p.m., quite an accomplishment since I did not go to sleep until 8:00 a.m. Poor SS was fixated on tonight's dessert and we had to get her out of here before she had a major meltdown.

We can't get SS to do this, it is too uncomfortable for her and she becomes a whining mess. Not only did she spend a reasonable amount of time on the tube, but she wanted nothing to do with us. Whenever we tried to hold her hand she would whine that she only wanted to be with JJ.

Happy to be leading her brother by the finger all day long. Since SS had no use for us, we decided to amuse ourselves by trying some of the rides.

We started with the toilet bowl, and had the brilliant idea to record our descent into the giant tidy bowl. Since it gets pretty hectic I held the camera secure by using my watch strap. And the camera is allegedly shock proof (SS proof to us), so it should have been able to take the beating.

SS's least favorite part of the day was watching us do things where she could not participate. That is when her over the top drama queen behavior reared its ugly head.

P and I were first and it went rather well taking in consideration that I am a certified coward. My big mistake was hopping off the double tube, because the riptide in the pool is unbelievably strong. The lifeguard had to use the rescue pad to drag me out. Classy.

P and JJ had the coolest wipeout and you can tell by the number of revolutions the camera did. It was cooler from my point of view. I saw a body rapidly expelled from the exit sans tube. I recalled thinking "crazy dude without an inner tube." Upon closer examination the crazy dude was my son. Wait, he was in a double with P, where's the tube? Where the heck is P? I did not see P come out, I only saw him surface from the water. It was fun.

Then it was time to ride Avalanche. This time we did the bird's view with P and I, and I filmed P and JJ's descent.

All that fun required a re-hydration break with water, juice, sodas and chilled watermelon.

P bought this bathing suit for Sula in Maui last year. The top and rash guard fit perfectly (SS refused to wear the rash guard), but I had to really take the bottoms in to make it work.

Our Maui trip came up a lot throughout the day. We had an amazing time and look forward to a return trip in the future. We all agree that snorkeling at Chicken Beach is at the top of our to do lists. All that reminiscing led to a lot of talking about the amount of sea food we scarfed down while there. JJ treated us to dinner and we settled on a fish and chips restaurant.

The restaurant has several neat murals and a nautical theme.

SS's first hush puppy and she was instantly hooked. She managed to polish half the order. I am looking for a good hush puppies recipe.

SS almost finished all her fish as well.

We finally were able to reward SS's patience with two slices of ice cream cake. We had a blast and are watching Bre@king B@d, and drinking Blue Hawaiis. Good times.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

A girl and her Cars.

Three weeks ago we took SS to see C@rs 2. The D*sney Channel had been playing the original movie in an annoying consecutive loop prior to the release of the sequel, so SS was well versed in the magic of Lighting McQueen. On her second viewing SS declared her love for LM, as I silently watched even more of our money make its way into D*sney coffers. Big Icee and popcorn in hand, our tiny cinematic enthusiast settled to enjoy the movie. I was a bit disappointed with the level of violence in the G rated movie, and worried that SS would be afraid leading to a quick exit. We were well aware of the plot and did not have an issue with it, however, the whole thing about shoot outs, kill him, and cars dying deserved a PG rating (IMHO).

But as she is known to do, SS blew us away with her attention span, and not a single tear was shed. This is the same child who last year wept when her beloved Buzz was in trouble, much to the amusement of the adults around us. SS never took her eyes of the screen and during the final minutes she stood up and cheered her tiny hiney off urging M@ter and LM to win the good fight. Guess who are SS's new BFFs.

SS is holding a H@ppy Meal toy, the poor young lady behind the counter almost lost her head when she gave SS a "girl" toy. Our self assured girl demanded a light saber. Why is that considered a boy toy eludes me. And what is it with the gender categorization of toys? What bothers me is that SS has picked up of this and to cut to the chase simply asks for a boy toy or sticker. Ugh.