Friday, April 12, 2013

I love you this much.

It's not unusual for kids and parents to engage in the "I love you this much" talk (or competition). Been there done that, but once again SS makes the routine interesting. SS talks about love with numbers, huge numbers. She makes them up orally but has only managed up to one hundred and ninety something.  She then realized she could make up her own numbers, larger numbers to relay the magnitude of her love.  SS moved on to a toy cash register, but that only allowed about 9-12 numbers, apparently not enough. Yesterday afternoon she proudly brought the drawing below to me, mighty proud of herself.  It's cute, it's quirky and a little weird. Lately SS has become more proficient with numbers much to the detriment of her language skills. Math, Legos, directions, and spatial relationships just make sense to her. But the I love you thing with numbers? That one is new to us. 

Our girl requested to return to school today.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the amount of homework I had her do yesterday. Even though she still had "the cough," she insisted she was feeling much better.  She even asked for that good for nothing medicine. The picture was taken yesterday during a homework break.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Under the weather.

Yesterday afternoon SS informed P that she would not be attending school today because she had "the cough and the sneezes." SS has her own SS speak and we hear frequently about "the cough," it's the first time "the sneezes" have made an appearance. And darn she was right, and by this morning was about to hurl during a cough fit. We really couldn't send her to school after a rough night with the cough and then the rude awakening she had this morning.

Then SS's six year old impatience kicked in. Barely five minutes after getting her medication she slumped on my chest, sniffled and said "Mama I don't feel well, this medicine is not working." I had to explain that it would take a while and darn if that wasn't the longest twenty minutes ever. Like her father SS is the first person ever to be afflicted with the common cold and in a life threatening manner. She just complained that "medicine doesn't help Mama." It does SS, when your lame a$$ Mama remembers to give you another dosage.

Our coughing/sneezing machine gave us a much needed laugh yesterday right after dinner. P went outside to take care of something he was not looking forward to do. Trying to be supportive I said " Good luck Babe." SS happily piped up "Yeah, get lucky Baba!" Never thought I'd hear that coming from SS and definitely not towards her Baba. Thankfully she is too young to understand that the two phrases have completely different meanings. Even when she is not feeling well she manages to slay us.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Baba's Girl

Today we received the pictures from the Father-Daughter dance. I told P that I was kind of jealous that he had the opportunity to be SS's first dance escort. Not that I would have wanted to be, but would have loved the same opportunity with JJ, and with another son. I lied to him, because I am jealous, which is not a nice thing to say. Difficult letting go of certain dreams, but just looking at them reminds me to be thankful for what I have.

I was looking at our China collage and wondered why I never posted this picture when we were there. I found it while searching for another picture on our external backup hard drive. It's just so darn cute, and it must have been the first few days in Kunming. Back when SS had an aversion to have anything on her head.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Grandpa's been shopping.

P can't wait to use the immersion blender, SS can't wait to make ice cream and I have no idea where I'm storing it all. Thank you Grandpa, you certainly spoil us.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Knott's Berry Bloom

When I opened the box with the bunny costume from Grandpa I was worried. Concerned about our super hero loving girl's reaction.  She surprised us alright, immediately falling in love with the costume, and we promised to take her to see the Easter Beagle so he could see her all decked out. Grandpa not only sent the costume, but the tights and a pink tutu for variety. We thought SS was going to be in a sea of bunny outfits, and were blown away that she was the only kid there in full bunny regalia. At least among the many kids we saw during our time there. We saw a few bunny ears, but no fellow bunnies.  SS received a lot of compliments from the moment she entered the park until we departed. But the funniest exchange happened with Snoopy and Woodstock who got such a kick out of her outfit that they hammed it up with her, including all three showing their tails. Grandpa did really good according to many of SS's fans.

When we visited barely two months ago SS was in tears over not making the minimum required height of 42" to ride the Dragon Swing. P measured her again and much to our surprise she is 42 inches tall and high tailed it to the dragon ride. We all learned a lesson on why being able to do something does not equate being able to handle it. As soon as the ride began to move SS started screaming, she was terrified. We chose the seat that would have the least elevation, but that did not help. She was screaming, hanging on to us, while we held on tight and tried to offer comfort. Those were the longest two minutes I have experienced in a long time. SS will not be returning to that ride, probably ever.

Some quick thinking by P got us some redemption. SS was able to be a passenger on the bumper cars, and we had fun chasing P around and bumping into his car. Since P is not competitive at all, nor holds a grudge, he declared next time SS is riding with him. He also intends on bumping into my car mercilessly as pay back, and will win. SS has such mature parents.  We had a great time at the park and brought SS back home too late. It was not as difficult to wake SS as anticipated. I did send P in to wake her up, I do have some self preservation skills. 

This stroller has had the most use of any of SS's things, even her crib. Now that's a sad statement.

Without a doubt, the best looking bunny ever.