Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And just like that SS is in fourth grade.

First day of preschool, October 13, 2010.

First day of kindergarden.

First day of first grade.

First day of second grade.

First day of third grade.

First day of fourth grade, how could this have happened? To us she is still the little girl on the first picture. P is freaking out because he seemed to have forgotten what I have told him since kindergarden, SS will graduate elementary school on 2017. I have no idea how but he was under the impression SS would not start middle school until seventh grade. To P it seems too young to be with those much older kids. Leaving elementary school after fifth grade is not sitting well with my husband. Not much we could do sweetie, it's how the system is designed. It would probably would have been easier for P if SS attended a K-12 school, but that animal only exists in private schools. 

 For the fifth consecutive year SS is sporting a shark backpack with matching lunchbox. This set is cool because they glow in the dark. P and I are surprised she pulled it off for another year. I started scouting the LL Bean website last May, because I knew it had to act fast if they added another shark theme. Nothing, zilch, nada, the same patterns SS already had, and we began to worry. I tried to prepare SS that we might be able to find a shark backpack, but a matching age appropriate lunchbox was going to be extremely difficult. Since this is my fifth year searching the Internet, LL Bean is the only place I have found them.

By the first week of July I told SS there were no new shark patterns, and to think of an alternative. The problem with the matching backpack and lunchbox is that it is what SS is accustomed to requesting, and getting. Then add her love for sharks and we have a big problem. She really had her heart set on those sharks. In late July we went to Laughlin and I asked SS to remind us to stop at the Barstow Outlets. We were hoping to get lucky, although we knew the probability was very low.

I don't know why but I decided to look at the LL Bean website again, and right there was a new pattern! I had not seen a new pattern that close to the start of school, they usually sell out of the cool ones by mid July. P told me not to even think about waiting, to order them on the spot. And that is how our little girl got her wish. Now, what are the odds she can pull it off six consecutive years?

One thing in common in all the first day of school pics is that SS is wearing Chucks, it's just her thing. She made a beeline to these pair at the store, and I was initially horrified. P gave me the "it's her shoes let her be look," and of course he was right. The thing is the shoes have grown on me, maybe because of how much SS likes them. She kept admiring them like in this picture. 

I must add this picture because SS wanted to show her lunchbox as well.

Every time the Red Lobster Crab Feast commercial flashed on the TV screen SS requested to go. About a week or so ago they added that the promotion would be over soon. Of course that did not go over well with SS, and she kept reminding us "it's for a limited time only and will be over soon." I take no responsibility for SS's love of seafood. This one is all on P and Grandpa who have both spoiled her with shell and fin fish. P decided to treat SS to the Crab Feast to celebrate her first day of school.

The waitress could not believe P ordered it for SS, and P added clam chowder instead of salad. Much to our surprise SS ate all the chowder, how is she going to have space for her meal? Well SS impressed the heck out of the waitress who did a double take when she walked by. There was a mountain of shells, and very little meat left over on SS's plate. Oddly SS was not a fan of the crab Alfredo, and she loves Alfredo sauce. Not a problem since it will make a nice lunch for P tomorrow. 

If you look to the right of SS's plate you will see her buddy, DOG. She was so happy to see him and since they were apart for a long, seemingly agonizing day, SS would not part with him. That's our sophisticated, crab eating, Chuck wearing, DOG attached daughter.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Star Wars night at the baseball stadium.

Last year the local stadium had a super hero night, this year SS thoroughly enjoyed Star Wars night.

SS with Commander Cody from the Clone Wars.

Finally a Darth Vader SS's size.

SS and Jango Fett, a bounty hunter and obviously almost as a bad ass as our daughter.

SS encountered many Storm Troopers and they gladly posed with her. The Death Star is in the background. SS is sitting next to me telling the names of the characters and telling me what to write.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Another Storm Trooper and Rey.

When Storm Troopers collide. Who let the Clones out? A nice Clone traded weapons with SS, we can totally see her out there bounty hunting with glee.

This kid loves Star Wars so much she would even pose with a scary Jawa.

Told you there were LOTS of Storm Troopers and SS wanted a pic with all of them. SS wants me to note that initially Storm Troopers were on the Jedi's side, and used to be called Clones. It's like she speaks a different language.

Oh yeah, there was a baseball game going on while all the picture taking took place.

A group of bounty hunters, and yet our daughter is the scariest in the group.

Even the mascot, Thunder, dressed up for the occasion.

Ah the PRIZED, the good one, the one SS has idolized since she was barely 5 years old.

SS would not pose with this one and P is not one to miss on the fun.

Masks and weapons were not allowed indoors (except for the "talent"), and yes SS had both. Because when you are a cute little girl decked out in a so called boy's costume, and you are as bad ass as SS is, people willingly look the other way. P was not willing to get escorted out by security and banned from the park. He sensibly waited to pose outside. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's Shark Week!

It is not a secret that we are a shark loving family. P loves sharks, SS loves sharks, and I have been swept into the shark loving fest by association. Kidding aside, it's nice to see SS still loving sharks now that she is a big girl. I wonder what kind of intelligence black ops tactics P used to achieve his goal.

I had to take this picture because it's obvious SS is going through her bodily function/anatomical reference giggling phase. She noticed the alteration to the sign before me. Thankfully I have matured albeit minimally.

After swimming and dinner we resumed our Shark Week celebration. For someone who is easily scared SS has managed to watch about a dozen hours of shark documentaries. Because what is better than watching a cuddly little baby shark grow up to become a potential human eating huge shark? How cute are they with their matching shirts? Of course SS had to add her shark hat purchased for her school's crazy hat day.

OK, they are beyond cute, but both gave me side eye for not buying a shirt for myself. I'll make sure to observe proper Shark Week protocol next year.

 I could not find matching shark shorts, and to be honest I was surprised to find a pair in an adult size. I love how P wears his shark shorts and does not care what anyone thinks. He wears them out and about, not only for this week.

Let's get our shark gear on and go watch Finding Dory, no one is going to find this inappropriate.

SS is really regaling the opportunity to do her shark imitation.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Soarin' and Frozen.

Last time we visited Disney we wanted to see the new Frozen live show, and were counting the days until Soarin' Over the World would open. After getting our Radiator Springs fix we headed over to the Hyperion theater to get in line for Frozen. That is when we had the amusement park version of the ice bucket challenge. We failed to do our research and it so happened that the show is obviously popular, and pretty much only accessible by obtaining a fast pass. But those are gone very early in the morning. You have a window of time to return with your fast pass and if you don't, then oh well. There is a stand by line where you might wait for hours on the chance someone has missed their return time. Lesson learned, we waited for Soarin' to open and returned early and with a plan in mind.

We had to leave home by 6:00 a.m., that is why SS had to go to bed as soon as we arrived home last night. She was still sleepy when we had to wake her, but by the time we pulled out of the driveway her anticipation took care of the sleepiness. We managed to be inside California Adventure and waiting at the roped area by 7:30 a.m. Our plan for the day was simple, Frozen and Soarin', once that was accomplished we'd go with the flow.

SS and I promptly left P and walked across the street looking for shade and a place to sit down.  SS found a spot in CA AD where she had not posed before. BTW, P was just fine waiting in line, we would have only hindered his ability to elbow his way to the front.

I found an old Lego magazine in a pocket I forgot my backpack had, perfect for the wait.

Oh well, wish the sun had cooperated, but still a cute pic. 

With our fast passes in hand for the 11:30 a.m. show we headed to Soarin' Around the World. The waiting was only twenty minutes, so P did not think we needed a fast pass. Say what? Nope, this is a new ride, and the next fast passes were for return in an hour. Fast passes it is for a second trip around the world.  We read about the ride and SS knew she would see the Great Wall of China. But we did not tell her she would fly over Monument Valley, however she found out just before we entered. There's a video showing the stops while people wait.  It was so cute to see her recognize she had recently visited that place.

The new Soarin' is simply AMAZING!

Grizzly River Run, and we got soaked, all of us. But we had quick dry clothing, and it was rather refreshing.

I have wanted to try the Zephyr ride since we first bought passes, but it was usually non operable when we are around. Well, since Ms. SS no longer gets to dictate what rides we get on, I used my turn to request the rockets. SS did not want to join us, so we left her downstairs, where we could easily see her.

And there she is, wrapped in her Olaf towel.

Isn't this such a cool ride? We have no idea why SS would not want to partake in the flying fun, since she has yet to be in an airplane flight she has not liked.

Another ride we wanted to try and SS opted out, the swings. I loved the ones at Knott's and it is weird it took this long to try the ones at CA AD.  And these ones have double seats! Just as well SS flaked out since we were able to sit together.

And here we are waiting for Frozen to begin. We actually scored second row middle seats, well P did with his ability to elbow his way ahead (in a gentle, non violent manner, no children were harmed).


What is not to like about a summer loving snowman?

We all loved the show, but it's funny P has yet to see the movie. SS watched the movie on the way to and from Hawaii, and many other times at home.

We indulged in another ride SS would not, and we would never think about letting her try. The California Screamer, and SS was content to wait while playing on Baba's phone.

We really liked this picture, P says that it looks like we are on an outdoor vacation, not at an amusement park.

We were out of the park by 2:30 p.m., before it became uncomfortably hot. There was a stop for a leisurely paced lunch, and SS was bathed and in bed early to get plenty of rest before school tomorrow.