Monday, November 30, 2009

We did it. Lo hizimos

Yesterday I told P that I felt ready to to take SS to get her booster H1N1 shot on my own. He was not enthusiastic about the idea. But I do have to resume some semblance of a life, the sooner the better. It's healthy for both SS and me to get out more often. I now have weekly appointments plus the nurse visits. I'm beginning to worry about P leaving work so often. In addition, I'd like for SS to return to gymnastics at least twice a week, and that is something I cannot do, we really need P. After I promised not to pick up SS, and explained my plan for getting around it in detail, P agreed. Well, under the condition that I would call if I needed him. All that for a mere twenty-five pounds of Yunnan Ham, and solid love.

SS napped late yesterday and did not go to bed until 5:00 a.m. I risked my life by waking her up at 8:30 a.m. That's the kind of scenario one hopes for on shot day. SS loves new clothes, and as soon as she saw her new jacket she decided to spare my life. I was not as lucky as P, and not even the allure of messing with the blood pressure cuff distracted SS. She cried for less than a minute. But what slayed me was the look she gave me. It was clear what she was thinking, "Et tu Mama?" Then she received her mini lollipop, and once again my life was spared.

After the shot we drove to the supermarket for a few items. That is when I realized that I neglected to plan for the cart logistics. It's so tempting to say the heck with it, it's not going to kill me. But the risk of a hernia is very real, and my incision was bleeding more than usual this morning. SS really wanted to sit in the cart, and I explained why Mama could not lift her. A young male employee was behind us and offered to place SS in for me, and said I could page him at the register and he would escort us to our car. First, I really dislike to have a fuss made over me. Second, it was completely unnecessary. Third, and most embarrassing, I really do not like people touching my children. Pretty selfish, but it is something that makes me uncomfortable. It happened with JJ and it happens with SS. It's interesting how freely people touch children. Always been fascinated by that, and it just makes me cringe, each and every time. Anyhoo, SS did well walking, although it took us a lot longer, because she becomes easily distracted. I rewarded SS with a regular size packet of chocolate M & M's for dessert.

SS did not run a temperature, and her already chubby thigh was not swollen. That did not stop SS from milking that Band Aid. She calls it her wound, and P encourages her by saying she is now like Mama. The sick part is that SS had a huge smile on her face and said "Yeah!" The catastrophic wound did not diminish her appetite. SS had a hearty portion of Pad Thai noodles for lunch. It helped that JJ was on Skype and he always makes her happy. For dinner she had rice and turkey, then helped Mama and Baba with the turkey soup we made together. It was made in the crockpot, totally impromptu, and unexpectedly tasty. SS earned her M & M's and went to bed by 8:30 p.m. Overall a good day, and hopefully the beginning of many more to come.

It was 37 degrees this morning, too cold for us warm blooded people. This is the product of yesterday's strict window shopping policy.

All is forgotten when a lollipop is involved. We like that Dr. J and Dr. S provide the smallest lollipops we have ever seen. Enough for a treat, without the mess or sugar comma.

Waiting for JJ on Skype. The netbook looks like a full size laptop.

P's turn to chat with JJ.

SS's street cred, she took a needle to her right thigh.

How many pictures can we post of a sleeping SS? Don't know, will have to count when we end the blog. She looks so angelic, innocent, peaceful, and still (snort). Love it when her little arms are up like that, sleeping with total abandon.

Videos taken for P's benefit. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rejoining civilization.

Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I had a bad case of the chills and it lasted longer than any other episode so far. I really wanted to take SS to the Exploration Park, and just get out of here. But I was feeling lousy and did not want to admit that I should stay home. Again, my outlook and P's were at odds. P was annoyed at my insistence that I would be OK to go soon, and reminded me for the umpteenth time that "It has ONLY been one month since your guts were turned inside out, a chunk removed, your colon rerouted and attached to your torso. It's only been three weeks since you left the hospital. CHILL!"

My POV is "OMG, it's been a whole month since I had the surgery, I have been home three weeks, and have accomplished nothing." P grew tired of attempting to reason with me and tried to get me to lay down upstairs. Nope, to do that would be to admit that I needed rest and what I needed was to be out and about. After an hour of bargaining, P walked over and told me he would nicely escort me upstairs and tuck me in, or SS would get an earful. One look at him and I realized he was serious. I did not want to get into a silly power play in front of SS, she's been through so much, so I caved in. But not before giving P the dirtiest "I almost died and this is how you treat me" look. Oh yeah, it is so not beneath me to pull a stunt like that. Thank G0d my kids do not take after me. :) P was right, I needed some rest, actually slept for almost two hours. No outing for sequestered SS.

Mami called me Morivivi, because I used to get nasty high fevers as a child, and bounce back in no time as if nothing happened. She would have been proud of me today. I was determined to get us out of here. P suggested Thai for lunch and SS and I quickly accepted. Come on, rice and noodles, yum. My first lunch outing post op, and I did very well. During my previous outings I relied on P or JJ for support, and walked very slowly. After dinner we went shopping, walked around the Mall and took SS to the indoor playground. We were gone for almost five hours when my body let me know it was time to return home. It felt really good to be out and about, and walking at an almost normal pace. Another baby step.

SS ready to chow down on rice and Pad Thai noodles.

SS quickly reached for the check. She is such a generous child.

The thrill of victory; SS was faster than Baba. The owner got a kick out of it when SS said, "Sir," and handed him the bill and credit card. It is really scary how meticulously she observes our every move. SS is now a pro at making deposits through the ATM at the bank. We are working on whispering, since she recognizes the numbers on the keypad and enters my PIN.

My baby treated me to lunch.

SS found the right sunglasses to match her outfit.

This evening I dumped close to 300 pictures and videos from my iPhone. As I was looking for the picture of SS with the sunglasses, SS excitedly said, "Mama, look, Mama," while pointing at the netbook screen. She then asked me to "go back Mama." This is the picture that caught her eye. I don't recall taking the picture, and I was most likely having a good time with Mr. Morphine Drip. A reminder that children not only absorb everything around them, but do remember.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The one week 5 star hotel stay I never experienced, but the bill arrived in the mail.

We are fiscally responsible, live within our means and do not constantly pine for the latest whatever. We have taken only one almost real vacation during our time together (PR was an obligation and while we made the best of it, it was ridiculously stressful). That was our trip to Maui in 2002, and "almost" because it was planned as a belated honeymoon, but materialized as a visit to Grandpa. P still owes me a honeymoon, my choice, hopefully before senility takes over.

So how did we end up with a $65,000 bill for a seven day, six night stay? Our two week trip to China was not even one tenth of that amount, and we returned with the gift of life, the most amazing baby girl. That is the grand total for my hospital stay, just the hospital bill. We are grateful for the top notch care I received, the nurses were awesome. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with hospitals and medical treatments, and it has not always been a positive experience. That being said, I ate and slept a hell of a lot better in China. All that while parenting out of suitcases, in two different hotels/cities, with a fifteen month old we had just met. Dude, and for the low, low price of whatever it was, did not lose any body parts, and returned with the same amount of orifices as upon arrival. We can't wait to see the anesthesiologist's and the surgeon's bills. We will have to cut them some slack, since I am snarking away due to their diligence.

Lucky me, I get to do it again. As crappy as our insurance is, it will afford me the privilege to excrete (sorry, TMI, tried to soften it) in the manner I had become accustomed. The reversal surgery is considered elective surgery. I am stable and can theoretically easily spend the rest of my life with a colostomy. In my case, it would be a very short life, seriously. This has been the most difficult tribulation I have encountered, and I'm falling short, way short. P likes to remind me, "Count your blessings, you are alive, you are alive, you are alive, AND it's temporary." Therein lies the problem. Until it happens, until I am out of that hospital, I won't believe that it is temporary.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Not much of a Black Friday.

We have not braved a Black Friday outing in years, probably eight years ago. We got up at the proverbial crack of dawn for a much needed down comforter. It was a great deal and we got our money's worth out of it, and then some more. P had his eye on a few electronic items, but the main item was the down comforter. This Christmas is going to be very low key for us. We decided on one big item and two small ones for SS and JJ, and P and I do not want anything.

We tried to get two Blue Ray DVD players from Wally Mart Online, without success. P wanted to go to Se@rs first for the comforters and I wanted to help him by going to Wally Mart. But there's SS, and we could not justify dragging her out under the rain, at that hour. P was sound asleep when I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and nudged him to see if he still wanted to go. He texted me that the parking lots were packed. Some people waited since yesterday. Way too dedicated, not our style. P found 2 queen down comforters (for JJ and SS), and our king size. He also managed to find a Kai Lan doll half off.

Nurse V dropped by today and I did not have good news for her. I had two not so good incidents and bleeding. The stoma retreated and that has caused problems. The rim is raw flesh and burning like heck. The skin surrounding the opening is also badly irritated. Our main concern was the bleeding. If it is from the rim it is not bad, but I have both, external and internal. Life keeps getting better and better for me.

When Nurse V worked on that area I asked P to take SS downstairs. Even though I took my pain meds an hour earlier, it was painful and I did not want SS to see my tears. But wait, there's more... I have another yeast infection. YIPPEE! No wonder I was so uncomfortable. At least the incision is healing better than expected. Nurse V had to apply silver nitrate, but other than that no concerns. This may sound crazy, but I can't wait to get the reversal out of the way.

Since P had to pick up my prescription, he braved the stores again. He was really tired, I wonder how he remained awake. P did not find any of the sale items he wanted, but got a 4 GB SD card for $10, thermal PJs for SS and Baby H's Xmas present. Due to his absence I disregarded Dr's orders and carried SS upstairs. We did have a lot of fun before SS dozed off. I was able to hold her on my lap for about an hour and we had a lot of tickles, laughs, songs and cuddles. I have a serious case of cabin fever. I better get out of here tomorrow before I go postal. We are taking SS to the Exploration Park for a members only event. Hopefully it won't be too crowded and I will be strong enough to stay as long as needed (3 hours).

Last night we tried on SS's fleece snow suit from last year. She used it twice and now needs a new one. We need to go shopping for a 3T. SS is now wearing 3T tops, and the 18 mos. pants fit perfect on her waist, but are just right or (mainly) too short in length. 2T pants are too wide on her waist and almost right or too long in length. Right now SS does not have a pair of good fitting jeans (blasphemy). SS is proportionate, so we don't get the discrepancy between her tops and bottoms. How did our tiny girl manage to fit into a 3T top? We are thinking about getting her skirts and tights for the mild days of winter. SS outgrew most of her footie PJs and she had LOTS of those (about 2 dozen). We are down to about 8, so we have to stock up, and we are getting her 3Ts (Carters). Again, no clue how that is happening. We are lucky that we are not dealing with panties at this time. The smaller size available is 2T and that is for a waist two inches wider than SS's. I read in an adoption forum than Hannah Anderson has an XS size, they are ridiculously pricey, but that is what we'll have to do. SS will have to use pull ups until she can fill her undies. But that is not in the near future. We have decided not to mess with potty training until my reversal surgery. It is completely normal to regress during stressful times (heck, I have regressed into a whiny mess that needs snuggling when the pain gets to be too much), and while SS is doing well, we are mindful that my surgery and post surgery has been difficult on her. Thus, no potty training stress until I recover from the reversal. Oh yeah, good times.

Even the hood was a tight fit.

SS is so happy to be able to sit on Mama's lap again.

When SS starts rubbing dog on her chin, she is ready to sleep.

About two minutes after the previous picture was snapped. Having SS fall asleep on me is one of the best feelings in the world, and it never gets old.

I was not a good patient and took SS upstairs. P was still out running errands and I had to go to the bathroom, I had to do it (this is where you nod and say I had to do it). Apparently Dr. G was serious when he said I should not carry more than 10 pounds, because I felt it.

I totally neglected to post about SS's first real watch. SS wants everything we have and our watches have been on her sights since we met. Her tiny wrists have been a problem in our quest for her first watch. Even those crappy plastic ones are too big on SS. During one of my solo walks at the hospital I ended up in the gift shop. I saw a lady bug watch and it looked like it would possibly fit. When P and SS came to visit I dragged them to the gift shop and SS walked out with her first watch. It is analog, and when the time comes it will help her learn to tell time, AND only $10. SS wears it on her right wrist like JJ and Mama.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for. The cuteness above are our #1 reasons.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We cooked, we ate, we waddled to bed.

As usual, JJ's visit got us out of our rut and we simply enjoyed having him home. Due to his late start, SS was very anxious when he arrived and she stuck by his side until she fell asleep next to him. She had no use for us. :) P stayed up until 12:30 a.m. P goes to bed early, especially now that he is holding the fort on his own. He makes it to 8-9 p.m. only because I can't carry SS upstairs. Having JJ here certainly charged him up. We watched Star Trek, the Jon Stewart Show and the Colbert Report. It was weird going to bed without SS, but must admit we got over it quickly when we realized we would not get kicked, punched, or head butted.

JJ has done an amazing job. During his two days off not only has he practically been SS's sole caretaker, he cleaned the oven, and spent the afternoon running errands with me (he drove, I'm still not up to it), and did a lot of the cooking and cleaning. It was good for me to spend one on one time with my first born. We talked like we have not talked in a long time. Abu's visit and uncouth actions resulted in JJ doing a lot of thinking. I am sad that he had to see that side of his grandmother, as I never discussed her shortcomings with him. But P is right, I am not responsible for her, and she engaged in that behavior knowing darn well that JJ is not blind, stupid and also understands a lot of Spanish (although he does not let on that he does). In the end, his love for SS far outweighs any loyalty to Abu. We are so proud of you JJ.

We had a nice dinner and P is considering having Thanksgiving dinner a few days early from now on. It's just not as stressful. This is the least amount I have ever eaten on Thanksgiving (that foot long section removed from my colon does make a difference), yet it has been the best, most satisfying meal I have ever had. It was also the most low key we have had. Did not make our usual dishes, did not even bake the pie (JJ has baked the pumpkin pie since he was 6), but it was the best because it was our first as a family of four. Even though we did not cook as much, we are sending JJ home tomorrow with a cooler full of food.

Nurse V visited today and is very pleased with my incision. She was not expecting the amount of healing that happened since her visit Thursday. It's weird to hear her enthusiasm because to me it looks as awful as the first time I saw it. Nurse V thinks that I might be able to ditch the dressing in less than two weeks. I am in no hurry to look at that ugly scar. Heck, I have the rest of my life to be annoyed by the sight. But, it'll be nice not to worry about dressing changes.

This is why P and I slept until 8:30 a.m., totally unheard of since we met SS. It is also the reason why P was able to place his ENTIRE body on our bed without receiving a kick to his kidneys. SS slept in her crib, JJ brought her to his bed when she whimpered in the morning. Even when Abu was here in March, I was always aware of SS waking up. I did not hear her this morning, totally not me. It's good to have that comfort and trust that JJ is as good a caretaker as us. Thanks JJ for some much needed sleep.

That's some serious bed head SS.

First potato peeling lesson.

Nothing says love like stalking your brother.

"You are right JJ, there is no such thing as too many pictures or video of me."

Helping add butter to the potatoes, SS likes to eat healthy.

JJ's and SS's mashed potatoes were delicious.

SS helped with every aspect of the meal. She helped Mama scoop out the stuffing.

A man and his turkey. Thirteen years ago P cooked his first turkey. That is when he got hooked on using adobo, and he has not looked back. He did well again, a very moist bird.

JJ has mastered the parent eyebrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Seasoning S.

JJ has worked the past three Thanksgivings, and this year again. This will be SS's second Thanksgiving at home, but we have not shared one as a family. We are taking advantage of JJ's visit today and tomorrow and will just celebrate Día de Acción de Gracias a few days early. P worked Sunday and is off tomorrow.

Our little cook decided to take on the task of seasoning the turkey as a special treat to her big brother. As I have admitted on many occasions, I am the worst Puerto Rican when it comes to passing on a love for the island's food. However, JJ, P and now SS have forced me to get in touch with my gastronomic roots. P and JJ like their turkey seasoned the Boricua way. Lucky for me, it is a very simple process. So simple a two-year old can do it.:)

The littlest cook is ready with the adobo (seasoning) ingredients, pilón & maceta (mortar & pestle) and the Cocina Criolla cookbook.

Adobo (for every pound of turkey):
1 clove garlic
1 peppercorn
1/2 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. salt
1tsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. vinegar

* First triturate the peppercorns, then add garlic, oregano, and salt. Add oil and vinegar.*

Carefully measuring the ingredients. Love the casual little leg on the counter.

Place the ingredients in the mortar and go to town. Not bad for her first time working with a pilón and maceta.

"Where's that bird? My hands are gloved and I am ready to get dirty." Although we are very proud of our fly by the seat of our pants parenting (don't judge us, JJ is just fine), we draw the line at messing with uncooked poultry. This did not go well with SS, and she made her displeasure known, while she watched Mama have all the fun.

Still upset about the seasoning snub, SS refused to smile for the camera. That's our eighteen pound bird, about four pounds more than SS's weight when we met.

JJ had a late start and did not arrive until 2:30 p.m. Seconds after he knocked on the door, I received a text from P asking if he made it home safe. SS was thrilled to see her brother and would not let him put her down. JJ made his lunch with one hand, while holding SS. It's 8:00 pm. now and she just followed him to the kitchen. A while ago JJ was in the bathroom and neglected to lock the door. Big mistake, because SS barged right in.

SS loves her big brother, but did not hesitate to narc on him. When we use a knife we reiterate to SS that ONLY Mama and Baba use knives. Today we got our answer as to how much she really understands. I was in the bathroom while JJ and SS were in the kitchen making lunch. I heard JJ remove a knife from the block. I quickly heard SS's little footsteps (the proverbial pitter patter of little feet), a loud knock on the bathroom door and her announcement "KNIFE, KNIFE, KIFE!" JJ broke a house rule and SS quickly turned from devoted sister to narc. Heh, so much for loyalty. We are going to add JJ to list of things only Mama and Baba can do.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I'm done," the beginning of our journey to SS.

Life is not all about colon resections (Hartman Procedure), colostomies, wet vs. dry dressings and gastronomic issues. But, that has consumed us for the past three weeks. It's time to shift the focus back to SS. Lately I have thought a lot about our journey to SS, mainly the very beginning. From the beginning of our courtship we knew that we would add to our family, but that was way in the future. We both needed to earn our degrees, and spend time getting to know each other. All that while co-parenting JJ, working ans studying full time.

Life was pretty boring when we were in school. Work and school had us busy seven days a week. We did not do much, but still managed to get away on special occasions. For JJ's 16th birthday, we drove up the Oregon Coast, went to the Sea Lion Caves and to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. JJ watched Free Willy as a child, and Keiko happened to call OCA home. Even at 16, JJ thought it would be neat to say hi to Keiko. Another fun weekend gateway happened when we drove to San Francisco to see Fantasia 2000 at the IMAX theatre. The regular movie screen would not do for us. Again, JJ enjoyed himself, ad enjoying time with his lame parents was not top of his list then. Little trips like that were not an easy task, because getting weekends off from work was really difficult. We had fun on our mini trips, and longed for the day when we could take a real vacation.

Once we were done with school and JJ could be left home without fear that he would burn the house down, we had more freedom. P and I love amusement parks and missed our season tickets to Southern California parks. The closest park was (then) Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo. That was still close to a four hour drive for us. The season tickets were also good for Waterworld in Concord. We used to visit at least once a month, but often more than that. Those weekends helped us cope with the wasteland that was where we lived. For some reason JJ really liked it there. P could stand it because that is where he chose to attend college, and he's White. It was torture for me, from the lack of diversity to the lack of entertainment that did not involve smoking weed and getting drunk. The months of rain and lack of sunshine did not help.

We cherished the time away, the time spent together, and the sunshine. We knew the parks like the back of our hands, except for the kids section. For three years we avoided the kids section. Only walked through it on the way to a ride, but could not tell what rides or attractions they had for the short crowd. We had a lot of fun, upside down, on the verge of throwing up, but let's do it again fun.

During one visit, out of the blue, P said that he wanted to check out the kids section. Sure, why not. I did not think much of it. One of us had to be curious after three years. P thought it would be a good idea to try one of the rides. He chose the hot air balloons that accommodated children and adults. When we reached the top, P said "I'm done." Huh?" You are done with what? Done with our marriage? Done with us? I had no clue what the man was done with. P repeated that he was done and that was my cue to ask. P explained that he was thankful for the time we had together, time to get to know each other, time to devote ourselves to JJ, time to have fun. But he was done with that part, P was ready to add a little person to our family. And that our dear SS, is how the journey to you began. We did not know then that it would take years to see your precious face, to hold you, and to bring you home. That moment seems so long ago, like decades ago. I had to ask P if my recollection was accurate and he recalls that moment the same way. We thought it would be a good idea to write about it for your future reference.

It's been a few weeks since SS has been able to cuddle with Mama like this. It's the first thing she does upon awakening. After her afternoon nap, she instinctively climbed on my lap. No way could I not indulge her.

Sweet profile.

Tickles! Hanging out waiting for dinner to be done.

Check out P's rosy cheeks. He hated them growing up, to the point where he had a consult to have them removed with lasers. I LOVE those cheeks, and am glad he did not mess with them.

Looking at her pictures, still her favorite thing to do.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remember Sophia on the G0lden Girls?

The late Estelle Getty's portrayal of Sophia never failed to crack me up. In a way, she reminded me of Mami, old, frail looking, but sharp and in control.

Here's our Golden Girl. SS makes anything into a purse and does walk around the house with her little arm like that. I do not have a purse, nor carry my backpacks that way. Oh where did I go wrong? Like Mami, she is a Tanquecito de Guerra (Little War Tank, Mami's nickname).

P was in a hurry to go to the market this evening, and I asked him to take SS. Our poor baby has some serious cabin fever. P declined because he just wanted to get it done as fast as possible. I was a tad miffed, but let it go. P found himself at the supermarket without his wallet. Karma bit his cute, soft buttocks big time. He called me and asked me to please have SS ready and he would take her with him. Silly man, when I asked him to take her all she needed was shoes. SS was SO happy when I told her that Baba was on his way and she would go shopping with him. She did the cutest happy dance. I took advantage of the alone time to clean the kitchen and pick up the mess that is our living room (aka SS's play area). Without SS (a huge distraction) and P (the you are not doing that police) I was able to get quite a bit done plus get most of the meal cooked. I should be doing much more, but the whole bending and lifting restrictions get in the way. Overall, a good day.

Two more sleeps and JJ will be here. It's only been two weeks but we miss him so much.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye...

Nurse V was pleased with the look of the incision, and the Wound Vac and I amicably parted ways. I now sport a regular dressing that will be changed 2-3 times per week. We now wait for the incision to close on its own. The anti-fungal medication worked, and there are no traces of the yeast infection, another plus. I have been hauling the WV since Halloween and was getting tired of it. Whenever I get up I instinctively look for the tube and WV. Of course there is a trade off. The current dressing is not waterproof, and back to sponge bath ville we go. YUCK. At least my wet dressing no longer looks like a foot long sub protruding from my torso. The good thing is that P gives the best sponge baths. When I tried washing myself in the hospital (no showers in the rooms), I flooded the bathroom floor. P was annoyed because he had asked me to wait. But stubborn me, so soon after surgery (the next day), I HAD to do it myself. P took over and the staff were so thankful. Hee hee.

I am doing better with solids, but there is still pain involved. Apparently this is normal, and I just have to wait for things to heal and settle internally. The overall weakness is getting on my nerves, and I am doing my best to eat as much as I can handle. We had Thai for dinner, and P was not pleased with the amount of noodles I ate. Still, it was a huge improvement for me. I have to listen to my body and the consequences, because I am the one feeling the pain. P is P, and he will always try to get his way when it comes to my (and JJ's, and SS's) health, because he is convinced he, and ONLY he knows best. The man has no problem letting the doctors know that they are wrong and telling them what works. They guy has b@lls of steel. :)

SS is not eating much lately, and that is a big concern. She is lethargic and at times withdrawn. She has never been indoors for so long. At least since we arrived home. We are going to ask JJ to take her to open gym Monday and/or Tuesday. Maybe next week P can take her to gymnastics on Friday. It will be quite a while before I can jump around with her. SS really deserves much more than what I am able to give now. We can't wait for JJ to be here, since we know he knows how to jump start his sister.

My ethnic womb struck again today. Nurse V and I somehow got on the subject of blood types and I mentioned that our Dr. has not found it necessary to type SS. In case of an emergency they will type her anyway, but what she does not get is that as parents we NEED to know.Nurse V said, "Oh honey, they typed her right after birth, you do have that information. Maybe you were too out of it and don't remember." It took me a while to respond, because, well, because I was not expecting that response. Nurse V continued, "But P looks so on top of things, how did he miss that?" See, it is all P's fault, at least I have an excuse, I was out of it. BTW, Nurse V is about 60, sharp as hell and very competent. When P was here, she asked what Baba meant, and I informed her that it's Dad in Chinese. I thought it was beyond obvious. P and I had a good laugh later.

Waiting for Nurse V, and not happy that I kicked her out of our bed..



SS is happy that Mama is no longer tethered to the WV. She was getting jealous.