Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yin Yang

SS brought me a surprise from Knott's, a necklace. SS asked P to get us Yin Yang necklaces. SS loves putting them together.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Baba and daughter fun time.

SS had a busy week, on Tuesday she went with Baba to Knott's Berry Farm, and three days later she was in Disneyland.  Having season passes for both parks allows us go at our leisure, not worry if we can't get on a ride (mainly at Disney), because we can always return. The glitch is we do not have as much time as we would like to get to the parks, due to our work schedules. Sunday is the only day of the week when we are all home. P working Saturdays is really messing with our family time, and it's been three years. P is always suggesting I take SS to either park on my flex Friday off, or on Saturdays.  I'm not big on going to such places alone, and yes I know that is a lame thing for a grown ass woman to say.

Then here we are in July already and before we know it SS goes back to school, and things are going to be even crazier in terms of scheduling.  Just yesterday we were trying to figure out when we are going to Maui. I can't take vacation time until November 14, but after that I am going to make it a point to take time off for more family time. The reason we are scheduling our travel so early is that everyone wants time off in December, so I'm going to preempt being at the bottom of the seniority ladder by requesting time now. A funny aside, when P told SS we are going back to Maui she was elated. After all she is still teed off at us (mainly me because I'm the one with the new job) for not taking her to Maui for her birthday this year. SS then thought about it and asked P if we are still going to the Mission Inn.  That's our entitled little darling, a one time occurrence sets a precedent.

Anyway... P decided to lead by example, and decided to take advantage of the little time we have left with SS before school starts. On Tuesday I headed to work, and they headed to Knott's. It was really neat to receive the pictures and video below. I'm planning to go to one of the parks on my next Friday off.  My resolve was cemented when I saw a woman last night as we were getting in our van. She had two kids in a double stroller, and two walking next to her. FOUR FREAKING KIDS! The youngest was a toddler and the oldest could not have been older than six. No sign of a father, or anyone else with them. P thought it was just plain crazy to pop out that many so close together, crazier to take them to Disney solo. Yeah, we are certifiable wimps.

Ready to take on the Kraken Queen again, but could this angelic looking duo get the job done?

Well, when they have the ability to look this menacing there is no doubt on my mind they can shoot to kill.  The little one is particularly scary.

Bumper cars selfie.

I could not believe P got SS in this ride. We have been trying since last year without success. But we are making a big deal about what a big girl SS is now. It worked.

I must admit to a pang of jealousy when I got this picture from the new Snoopy ice show. It lasted half a second, because I had a huge smile on my face. How cool to get second row seating for a brand new show, and have Baba time.

And this is the pay off, watching SS's wonderment and enjoyment.

Ticker tape surprise.

Ticker tape aftermath.

But the absolute best were the videos below of P and SS at Big Foot Rapids.  Looks like SS is making the transition to Big Girl rides. I asked her yesterday if she wanted to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant. SS replied, "Nah, that's a baby ride, they show his show on Disney Jr."  Our baby is growing up.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Time to go home.

We had a blast but P needs to work tomorrow. Sunday we have a commitment, so no family time before I return to work Monday. It was really good to have fun family time today.

Not our finest moment.

P looks like he's having a serious Tourette's moment, and I look like the worst mother, laughing while my child is scared. The plan was to go on Splash Mountain when it was hot. But they kept closing it during the day. We were on at nine and that water was cold. Poor SS was soaked, and I'm glad I brought a towel, and a full change of clothes. She was shivering on the way out. At least I had her wrapped in a nice towel, until we could get to the bathroom.

Peter Pan's Flight.

This used to be my first ride whenever I came to the park. I have never seen the movie but I'm familiar with the basics. It wasn't the story, just something about the ride that brought out the child in me.

When P and I visited ten years ago, we planned for it to be SS's first Disneyland ride. Timing was not on our side because it was being renovated March. Then we we arrived today the line was too long, and we didn't want SS under the sun for long.

Then we returned as they were to close the ride. Since there were just a few people behind us I indulged in a quick pic. Come on, we waited ten years for this moment.

SS loved it!

Cartoon Spin

SS's first Autopia experience.

Scary to think she will be driving in seven years. P was smart and chose to ride alone.


Enjoying much needed self care.

My day began very early for a fasting blood draw. Since the techs never listen, I was unnecessarily poked, before she realized I was not lying about my deceiving veins. Pediatric needle to my hand, then off to the blast that is a mammogram.

Knowing how much I'd enjoy my day, P took the day off. After my breast torture we high tailed it to Disneyland. It's SS's first time without the Hummer. Our girl is not fond of hoofing it, so let's hope it goes well.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Watching personal fireworks.

We have a 180 view of the lake and a lot of people have some neat fireworks going. We did not expect a pre show.

Chilling until the show begins.

Happy 4th!

Back to our fireworks viewing spot.