Friday, February 11, 2011

Not much going on in disturbia.

Long time without posting because there was nothing worthy to write about, and I needed a break from the blog. Things in potty training land were going amazingly well until Wednesday, when SS had an accident, and the same happened today. It turns out that they are ASKING SS if she needs to use the bathroom and right after saying no, SS pees her pants. UGH!!!!! I felt awful schooling her teachers but seriously women, you are preschool teachers and mothers, WTF? You DO NOT give a child a choice because they will choose and when you give them that power they pee their freaking pants. Potty training land is not a democracy it's a dictatorship.

We have had three accidents at home. Now this was tricky because the last thing we wanted was to scold or shame SS for an accident given her past. However, we had to send the message that it was not OK, and we say that because we now know that SS has bladder control down. Until Wednesday she had been holding it at school. That means that she would urinate at home at around 7:10 a.m. and not use the bathroom (although she tried when asked until this week) until she returned home at 11:45 a.m. That is a long time for a kid, heck that is an eternity for me. The times she had an accident at home she was playing or mad at us, and just went on her pants. We made her clean herself up and it was freaking hilarious, because SS was disgusted with her own bodily fluid, and as much as we wanted to ease her discomfort she needed to feel uncomfortable to get the point. Still, we did feel bad, and that should count for something. SS is now stopping what she is doing and poops in the potty as well.

The last three trips to Costco have been really weird because I automatically go towards the diaper area, because we are out of daytime diapers. We still have about five that I had in the van and purse. But we have never been that low, then I realize I am no longer walking out of the store with 176 diapers. While it is cool to save $50, it makes us sad about another baby part that is gone. We are now only using overniters and pull-ups. We resort to pull-us when we are out and about because cleaning up accidents is not a sport we want to pursue. But at home and school (except for nighttime) it is undies all the time.

Grandpa is now in Oahu undergoing more rehab. A few days ago we received the news that further amputation is necessary and it will be below the knee. It was heart wrenching to receive that call but at least Grandpa had been preparing mentally for this for a while. The man is certainly not doing somersaults at the prospect of losing part of a limb, but he is looking at a positive aspect. It seems that a prosthesis will be a lot easier to fit and handle than with his previous partial foot removal. SS has had the opportunity to briefly say hi a few times and it has been really good for her. We did not realize how much she had internalized about Grandpa's illness and everything that went on during the first difficult month or so. Other than JJ, Grandpa is the second person that SS talks about the most, as in a daily basis. It does help that the guy lives in paradise.

As heartless as it might seem, I am relieved for P's sake. I know that he was worried sick about making a big decision for his father, but ready if the time came. Weird, because he has been through that with both JJ and myself. To say that I trust P with my life is not impressive because let's face it, I am not known for taking great care of myself. However, I do trust him with my children's lives and that says a lot because they are all I have and live for. OK, my kids, junk food and Snoopy. When JJ was hospitalized P was in on every decision and I once again found myself respecting him more. He is the dude to have around when the Grim Reaper is around the corner, he is knowledgeable, thoughtful and decisive. But that is with us, he knows us better than anyone and knows what we can live or not live with. His relationship with his father is one that it still growing, there is immense love between them, but they do not know each other that well. It would have really affected P to have to make such a decision on his own and I am grateful that he got a reprieve.

We have had some awesome weather for the past few weeks, SS is definitely our daughter because she just loves Mr. Sun.

Along with getting rid of daytime diapers, we got rid of SS's sippy cups, she has now moved on to cups with straws. Why? Because we are too lazy too clean up messes and her little hands are not there yet. Above are SS's first sippy cups, and wish we could find the blue one. P was making fun of my an@l phase of pink is for milk, orange for juice and blue for water. I did bite his head off a few times when he broke the sacred rule. Now I could not care less about what cup holds what as long as SS is happy. We took an Avent sippy to China because it was highly recommended and it made sense given her age and development, but SS never liked it. I was going to keep these two and toss the other ones away but P almost bit my head off this time. He wants to keep them because it is part of SS's life. If that sounds weird, P and I have very little from our childhoods, and this is P's way of making up for his baby book being decimated without his knowledge, consent or regard for his feelings (the latter being the big sting). In my case there are no baby belongings but Abuela holds all photographs, I had to fight for the only picture of Mami, Papi and I that I have. She says when she dies I can have my memories. Keep them, I no longer want them. Maybe SS won't care, but just in case she does she will have a memory box.

Proudly showing off her Toy Story pull-ups, but to her they are Buzz pull-ups.

Our dainty little flower after being told that she could not hide her poop around the house, and that she had to sit her tush down on the school potty when told. She took it very well.

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Michelle said...

Good to hear from you guys. I was starting to worry. So sorry about Grandpa. That must be incredibly difficult to have to go through.

I am not impressed with the staff at S.S.'s preschool. Some of the stuff they do(or don't do) is just plain common sense!