Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday P!

Thirty-six years ago the world became a better place, when P entered this world at French Hospital in San Francisco. What a time to be born, the mid 70's. He had pretty happening parents who met at the Playboy Club. Thankfully for Grandpa, those were the days when the fathers were relegated to pacing the floor outside the delivery room. This worked greatly on Grandpa's favor because he was able to watch the World Series deciding game between the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. It was ranked by ESPN as the second greatest world series ever played.

When Grandpa moved to Maui many moons ago, he gave P a lot of pictures from his childhood. P left them in Southern California and never retrieved them. So I was very happy when he returned from his visit to Grandma in 2006 with about two dozen pictures from his early childhood. This is a good opportunity to share with SS those first few years of her Baba's life.

Happy Birthday P! Don't fret, you are actually getting hotter every year. :)

PS. We just realized that today is also SS's Feast Day (Catholic church thing, and no we did not know until today). What are the odds?

Practicing his tea manners by holding out his pinky at eight days old.

With Grandma M at barely 19 days old.

Proud dad holding his one month old first born. Is P smiling?

Christmas card debut at two months old.

Not sure the exact age, but obviously still an infant and doing his power to the people salute.

Check out those wheels (5 months).

P really dislikes this picture (1 year old), because he says it makes him look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I think he looks freaking adorable, and I do have a thing for Irish sweaters, even though I have never owned one. I intended to get one for SS, but they are not very practical in our neck of the woods.

One year old with Grandma M, Grandpa C and cousin K.

El Mamo at 15 months.

Halloween 1978 (3 years old) with Cousin K.

The date on the back of this picture (by the developer not Grandma) is August 1979, but no idea when it was taken. I did not know P had a thing for playing cowboy. Too bad he was too young to join the Village People.

Age four on his dad's boat.

In his parents' hot tub practicing his seductive skills. Who knew I would end up marrying this doughy piece of heaven.

Four years old and enjoying the birthday present from the grandparents.

I chose this one not only because of the vest, but also because he is doing SS's favorite thing, pointing when a camera is aimed at her.

P caught the eye of a food critic at three years of age due to his sophisticated palate. This article is why I broke my golden rule about not parading my kids' pictures/names on newspapers.


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to you.....happy birthday to yooouuuuuuu. Happy Birthday to P...happy birthday to you!

You'll just have to imagine the off key singing part of that. I hope you had a fabulous day!

Michelle said...

Hey did S get the package I sent? No one has gotten any of them and I'm worried because I sent them 12 days ago. I will be bummed if they don't come.

2china4S said...

Sorry Michelle, I have not looked at the blog since P's birthday post. No, SS has not received your package yet. :(