Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy Puke Year

SS woke up about five minutes before midnight. Our girl loves herself a good countdown so we gathered in front of the TV and watched the ball drop. Hugs and kisses were exchanged as well as wishes for a better year. P was holding SS, she turned to him and said "Baba, my tummy hurts." P told her we would go upstairs and cuddle together, SS placed her head on P's shoulder, P turns around (his back to me) and that is when the pukefest began. Poor SS vomited more than we have seen before, as in that one time she vomited. It went all over the back of P's shirt and on my boots, floor, you name it. Funny that I had not had a darn thing to drink and still ended up with puke on my boots.

SS has been sick all day, was not able to keep popsicles down. We are starting her on Gat0r@de now. We have a gallon of the stuff, it should do the job. I have been around many babies and am no stranger to puke messes, but the whole covering the back of a shirt thing SS pulled off was a first to me. Gotta hand it to her, the girl's got talent, not a marketable one, but it takes skillz to christen Baba's virgin body with such style. Again, no stranger to being puked on here, by my child and many others. But I was worried about P, who did not blink, just took care of his baby. Oh well, Happy Puke Year!

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry I haven't ben around earlier to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year but I too have ben sick and our internet is down.(my sister's cat knocked the router into the water bowl. grrrr.) I had that nasty stomach bug too, three days ago. It was awful! (I'll spare you the violence with which I vomited. well I guess I won't, since I just told you. LOL.) Thankfully after two days I was feeling fine again. Give SS a hug from me and I hope she feels better soon!