Friday, February 24, 2012

Lousy ill timing.

On Wednesday, P left home at 2:00 am and returned 24 hours later. Even better, he flew to So Cal for the day. Of course that would be the perfect timing for SS to wake up at 4:00 a.m. with a fever.The good thing about having hyperactive kids is that when they are under the weather it is obvious. I always knew when JJ was about to succumb to whatever bug was going around. Thankfully, it did not happen often. Also, JJ was an easy breezy patient, once he was medicated, hydrated, and placed in front of the boob tube all was well. SS gives the same "I'm lethargic get ready to nurse me" vibe, but unlike her brother there is nothing easy breezy about her. So on the day I needed P the most I was alone with Ms. "I'm sick thus I must be on top of you THE ENTIRE TIME whether I am asleep or awake."

It was a really long day, but it helped me realize what a long way we have come since SS's Velcro baby days. However, I was myself nursing a nasty cold and sinus infection. I had cough med with codeine that I could not take for the obvious reasons. I also had a very cranky SS whining that she needed to see her Baba ASAP. When I made the mistake of explaining where he was, SS threw a fit because she did not get to go on the plane. Oh well, why have kids if one is not willing to have precious moments like these.

SS is now fever free, but her cold is lingering and while she does not have to be on me constantly, she needs to be by me. When P came home for lunch today, SS engaged in her "I'm going to distract you two and prevent any meaningful conversation strategy" . After all, she IS the center of the universe, P , JJ and I merely orbit around her. Since she's much better we practiced some tough love. SS was not pleased, but we stood our ground. Ah, but SS is the ultimate grudge holder and when it came time to bid adieu she refused to kiss Baba. Unlike her previous grudge, SS can't really stay mad at her Baba. SS relented and gave hugs and kisses. P noticed that the past few days were catching up with me and jokingly tried to diffuse the situation with humor, but did not have the last laugh.

P: SS be good to Mama, give her some space. She is the Mama lion and can bite your head off
because you are her cub. (I was not thrilled, but P tends to say some off the wall things and
is not about to change).
SS: (Without missing a beat) JJ is her cub too and he IS my BIG brother.

She followed that gem by laughing her non existing tushie off about her own wit (did I mention my husband and children do not have an ounce of modesty?) Ha! SS has a bodyguard for life and knows how to use him. On the developmental side it is good that she got the analogy, and that she fully understands and is (hopefully) comfortable with the concept that they are siblings and are ours. That is quite a tall order for a child who spent her first sixteen months in a homogenous environment, only to fall through the rabbit hole and end up as a real life Modern Family. That makes up for schlepping a 34 pound child around for two days, and would gladly do it again. Below, SS's interpretation of an even cooler Buzz costume.

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