Tuesday, December 09, 2014

It's pirate time twice a day for the next three months.

SS had her vision exam last Saturday and there were two unexpected issues. Although SS has worn her glasses full time as prescribed, her eyesight decreased on both eyes. Dr. B was surprised about this and it brought back the concerns she had last year.

For the next three months we are going to try to get SS's left lazy eye to do some work. For one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening we are going to patch Rightie. It's time for Leftie to engage in team work.

This could have been awful but thankfully SS loves pirates and has a pirate costume. Who knew that such a seemingly silly indulgence would come in so handy. Not only do we have to patch Rightie but SS has to make Leftie work hard. No plopping her in front of the TV.

This is not a problem in the evenings but SS is not a morning person. Like her father she opens her eyes just enough to orient herself until she's ready to leave the house. We were not and are not looking forward to a battle first thing in the morning. But that other indulgence, namely the magic of Legos is a big help. A lot of help because we have to wake up SS earlier now.

Pirate hat, sword, patch and Legos at 6:00 a.m. P ordered cute adhesive eye patches with three designs SS selected. They should arrive tomorrow.

The second concern might be a result of SS's birth circumstances. Since we have very little birth history, we do not know the most important piece of information Dr. B needs for treatment. So we are trying a strategy, and in three months Dr. B will reassess progress, if any. Other than this there is not much going on around here.

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