Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Frozen Birthday Party.

Last week SS received an invitation to a Frozen birthday party. Pretty neat and looks like a lot of fun right? The thing is SS does not know the birthday girl. She is the granddaughter of one of my induction classmates. Grandma K and I spent three months in induction together, and sat at the same table for three quarters of that time. GK LOVES to organize and throw parties. During induction she arranged a lunch for about thirty of us at a Chinese restaurant, threw a baby shower for one of our classmates in the lunch room so everyone could attend, and also organized our graduation lunch.  The woman missed her calling, she should not be a CPS social worker, she should be a party planner.

I was hesitant to accept because SS does not know GK's granddaughter, and because I knew the birthday girl is a princess fan, and I was afraid SS would not enjoy a girly party. Seems GK got to know me well during those three months, because I received a phone call from GK's daughter in law. She reassured me SS's presence was welcome, and that GK talked about us, and they were aware SS was a super hero type of girl. P thought it would be good for us to attend, it would give SS an opportunity to learn tolerance, and for me to catch up with GK (she works in a different region), and other classmates who would be there.

Lucky for us SS has seen Frozen several times and likes the movie, although Olaf is her favorite character.

SS is not a bouncy house type of girl, and not for lack of trying. We have tried many times, but she either does not like the instability, or is afraid of the kids around her. Much to my surprise SS tried the bouncer twice, and seemed to enjoy the experience. Score one for progress.

SS was the only girl paying homage to Olaf, but SS is used to be different when it comes to girly things.

SS is not a princess girl, but there is no way she will turn down face painting.

Then Elsa arrived and I became nervous about SS saying something inappropriate. Elsa was a hoot in that she remained in character even when talking to the mom and GK. I was standing next to them when Elsa was going over what she was going to do. It took everything I had not to laugh, not only because she kept that helium voice, but because of GK's expression.  She could not believe the woman used that squeaky voice with adults. SS was very respectful and even sat at the table to listen to Elsa's story.

She gladly joined the girls for the group picture. 

For the individual pictures Elsa asked the girls to pose just like her, and SS would have none of that. It was hilarious to watch Elsa try to coax SS into posing. I am proud of SS because she is usually very outspoken about not liking princesses, how useless they are, and other choice words. I am alsoproud of SS for not losing her cool. She simply repeated that she did not want to pose that way. Elsa was obviously shocked that a girl would not want to do the princess pose. She finally asked SS to at least do something with her arm. SS just held her arm out and that made Elsa happy.

The face painting obviously went well, because SS returned to adorn her other cheek.

PiƱata time.

Goodie bags.

Saying goodbye to the birthday girl. Both SS and I had a good time. I was able to catch up with GK, and two other classmates. One classmate was the recipient of the baby shower. Her daughter was born April 1, and since the mother is breastfeeding came along for the party.

The hostess encouraged the parents to take advantage of the face painting, and I thought why the heck not.

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