Friday, December 18, 2015

Pizza with the Principal and more Tooth Fairy.

On Friday December 4 we were out and about trying to unsuccessfully distract P's mind from his mother's viewing the next day.  We had decided to send SS to school to that week to keep some semblance of normalcy, and because we didn't want her to become upset by P's natural response of grieving.  SS's teacher was aware of Nana's passing and would call us if he felt SS was not emotionally able to remain at school.  We were at a store when I noticed P on the phone and thought he was talking to his sister or stepmother. He came  to me and informed me the school's health clerk called and stated SS's crown fell off, there was no blood involved, and how did we want to proceed. And by the way it happened while SS was having pizza with the principal which was news to us. The picture above was sent to our phones via the Class Dojo app, but we had yet to see it. Bad parents, and distracted parents.

P told the clerk that SS doesn't have a crown, then the clerk said, oh then her cap fell off. Again, SS does not have a tooth cap either.  We are astounded that SS has no cavities, given the poor condition she came to us. I had read SO many blog posts during our wait about babies with bottle rot who had root canals as early as two years old. YIKES.  Anyway, we decided to pick her up because it was close to dismissal, and given what was going on we wanted to make sure she was OK emotionally.

We did both say damn what is it with SS and losing teeth at this rate? If the Tooth Fairy has not made it to your home it's because our daughter apparently has her on retainer. She had lost a tooth on November 18 for Pete's sake. In the picture above, SS is proudly showing her new gap. Paddy doesn't have much memory about the rate at which he lost his baby teeth, but still feels SS's are really going fast.  

I was a cavity kid and had several extractions as a child. Weird, given how meticulous Mami and Abuela were about hygiene. Not only did I have several extractions, they were done without anesthetic, not even the local stuff to numb the area. I still remember the awful noise of the instrument yanking a tooth or molar off. Let's say I have done my best to forget about my baby teeth.

Then there's JJ and again I really have no memory about the pace at which his baby teeth bid adieu. A google search indicated wide variation, and as long as the teeth do not fall prematurely or by trauma SS should be OK.  The reason why the health clerk thought it was a crown or cap it's because the tooth was hollow and there was no blood. Then the clerk noticed SS's gummy gum and thought it was what was left of the actual tooth. She was rather disturbed when told it was not a crown/cap and said she had never seen a hollow tooth. We were worried as well, but after the last tooth Dr. L explained  it's genetics, not garden variety stuff, but nothing to worry about. Thankfully the Tooth Fairy pays no matter the condition of the tooth.  

And what is that thing on SS's head?

It's her monkey hat!

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