Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Camp 2017

SS is enjoying her time at summer camp, and it turns out E, her best friend from kinder is also attending. E moved to her home school after kinder, and SS has missed her a lot. This picture was taken on her first day. Check her out pretending she is a big shot basketball player.

Every Tuesday the kids get to go out and do something fun. Actually spending time at summer camp is about fun. Let's say they kids get to do something even more fun. Imagine our surprise when we were told they would be going to the skate/bike/scooter park the next day. We are nervous about leaving our child under your care, and you tell us tomorrow you are taking her to a place where she can break every bone in her body. I was not even sure about letting SS go, I was really afraid she would get hurt.  

P was not concerned since he felt SS is very timid about doing things on land (water is no holds barred). He knew SS would not do anything risky, and he was right. I was very relieved to see an intact SS that afternoon. The poor girl really needs a new helmet and elbow/knee pads.

More fun to be had at Mulligans, where SS played Laser Tag, mini golf, and got soaked at the water slides (bathing suit top on, and bottoms under her shorts) . It was really difficult leaving SS again, but I'm now a pro at dropping her off at places I'd rather she only go with us.

E (SS's kinder bestie), M, and our girl. Still blows my mind E and SS are the same age. They had a blast.

CH splash pad, where E and SS frolicked in kinder while the parents had a meeting. I can't believe that was five years ago. I really need to look for a picture of the girls from that day.  SS told me that day that she felt like a teenager. Way to rub it in kid.

Yay they dedicated one week to super heroes and the kids were allowed to wear costumes one day. SS was very excited to wear her Spiderman costume.  She insisted on wearing boots and I warned her it would get hot. Mami said nadie aprende por cabeza ajena (no one learns through someone else's head), and she was right. I was packing SS's lunch when she told me she needed different clothes that would not be as bulky under the costume. When I saw SS next she was already suited, and off to camp we went.

As I predicted SS did get hot under the costume, and I was greeted by this garish sight. OMG this is what she wore under the costume. We have not received a visit from the CPS social worker, so I think while concerning, we are on the clear by now. Without the boots the outfit is almost passable, if you are color blind.

Oh goodie comic con week, and an opportunity for SS to dress up as Black Panther. I made sure she showed me what she was wearing before she put her costume on. SS really enjoys super hero dress up and role play. 

This was the day after we went to Disneyland, perhaps the retro hat is a shout out to Guardians of the Galaxy.  I have no idea where SS had stashed that fedora she wore when she was barely three years old. I do know I need to confiscate it and place it with her baby memories stash.  School starts in twenty one days, enjoy the last three weeks of summer SS.

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