Friday, August 12, 2011

A girl and her Cars.

Three weeks ago we took SS to see C@rs 2. The D*sney Channel had been playing the original movie in an annoying consecutive loop prior to the release of the sequel, so SS was well versed in the magic of Lighting McQueen. On her second viewing SS declared her love for LM, as I silently watched even more of our money make its way into D*sney coffers. Big Icee and popcorn in hand, our tiny cinematic enthusiast settled to enjoy the movie. I was a bit disappointed with the level of violence in the G rated movie, and worried that SS would be afraid leading to a quick exit. We were well aware of the plot and did not have an issue with it, however, the whole thing about shoot outs, kill him, and cars dying deserved a PG rating (IMHO).

But as she is known to do, SS blew us away with her attention span, and not a single tear was shed. This is the same child who last year wept when her beloved Buzz was in trouble, much to the amusement of the adults around us. SS never took her eyes of the screen and during the final minutes she stood up and cheered her tiny hiney off urging M@ter and LM to win the good fight. Guess who are SS's new BFFs.

SS is holding a H@ppy Meal toy, the poor young lady behind the counter almost lost her head when she gave SS a "girl" toy. Our self assured girl demanded a light saber. Why is that considered a boy toy eludes me. And what is it with the gender categorization of toys? What bothers me is that SS has picked up of this and to cut to the chase simply asks for a boy toy or sticker. Ugh.

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