Monday, August 22, 2011

Raging River

Last Monday we returned to the water park for some more fun. JJ's favorite ride is the Raging River and it was not working the day before. Much to our delight it was up and raging and we got to go quite a few times, further annoying our daughter. I have seen many kids SS's size on that ride, and we had a three seater inner tube. Not my wisest move but I asked P is we could try it, since SS really wants to join in the big ride fun. P immediately nixed the idea, his main concern was not drowning, it would be a wipe out and the damage it could cause if one or both of us rolled over SS. Sorry my 30-pounder, Maybe next year. We did bribe reward SS with a cherry Icee. I think we are temporarily forgiven. Michelle, good job noticing SS's teed off mug, our girl needs to come out of her shell and tell us how she really feels.

We really thought we were going to take that poor kid out.

SS is the ultimate drama queen, she has the gall to complain about water in her eyes, while wearing well fitted goggles. Her teenage years are going to be a painful time for us.

JJ taught SS how to push off the wall, and SS spent the next 10 minutes "practicing," while JJ and Baba were at the RR.

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