Sunday, September 04, 2011

Remembering Grandpa.

Sorry about the pictures without blogging. Life has a way of getting in the way of posting. We planned on taking SS on her first camping adventure last year, but between Chicago and Maui we lost steam. SS's separations from JJ are becoming increasingly difficult. We prepare her the best we can. We count how many sleeps before JJ comes home AND how many sleeps JJ will spend home. No matter how much time we spend preparing SS, she falls apart when JJ leaves.

One thing we did not post about is that during JJ's last visit SS began to refer to him as "my brother" or "my big brother." That is not a new concept for SS since we introduced JJ and brother to her when we met, and have reinforced the sibling relationship since. But this was the first time that SS articulated her understanding. It was funny to hear "where did my big brother go Mama?" or "I love my big brother."

Knowing that summer is almost over, we knew we wanted SS to have that first camping experience. What better way to blend SS's need to see JJ and her first camping experience. We left yesterday evening for a quick visit. We arrived at around 9:20, and JJ came to help us set up. On weekends he goes to work at 5:00 a.m., so he could not stay long. Thankfully SS was so excited about camping that she let go of JJ without the drama we feared.

Sadly for SS she went from 100 degrees to 48, not exactly summer weather. It quickly reminded us why we were so eager to leave this hell hole. While SS had her Buzz heavy fleece blanket, P and I had our summer sleeping bag. I was shivering all night, while P did what he could to keep me warm to no avail. We have camped at this temperatures before without incident, but it seems that four years at 100+ degree weather turned me into a wimp.

JJ came by after work and we had lunch at a Hawaiian joint. Funny how this economically depressed, lily white place we desperately fled now has a Hawaiian restaurant. We had an amazing time reminiscing about Maui. At this time last year we were returning home from our amazing trip to Maui. Grandpa spoiled us with free lodging, free car service, and an awful lot of Hawaiian and seafood. It is the best time we have had as a family. So much that although we have a strict rule that Holidays are spent home, P really would like to spend a Christmas in Maui. Of all holidays, Christmas is the one I thought I'd never waver on, no matter the reason. But as we had lunch I had a change of heart. Listening to how easily all four of us talked about Maui I realized that as long as the four of us are in agreement and present, it would be a great experience. Now the witch is coordinating our schedules.

P had fish tacos, and SS, JJ and I had chicken katsu for the first time since Maui. It was yummy and a good time was had by all. We picked up a big fleece blanket since in this town without milk heaters are "seasonal items and won't be available for a while." Really? 46 freaking degrees is balmy weather to you freaks? No wonder we left...

This post is via iPhone since we are too far away from the office to get a signal. I apologize for any spelling errors and run on sentences. Pictures when we get home. SS is napping, a big no no at 5:00 p.m., we sent JJ home to get some rest. We are having dinner here and we say goodbye tomorrow before JJ goes to work at noon.

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