Friday, October 25, 2013

And to think we used to be so close.

Last Saturday as we were driving home from P's work SS was talking non stop about the treasure maps she made for us. She asked me about six times before we left if I had my map. Asked me again as we were in the van, and then another time on the short drive home.  Just as we are about to turn onto our street SS said, "Mama, you want to know something about your map?" Sure SS... "Your map has the wrong information Mama." I asked why would she draw me a map with wrong information. SS replied "Because I want Baba to find the treasure, not you, so I had to make you get lost." OUCH, and to think I thought we were close, I guess that went out the window when I abandoned SS to go to work.

OK, so it stings a little, but I am getting glimpses of what P endured since SS came home. And I have to hand it to the man, he handled it very well. Because we are human (except for my lack of a heart) and can't help to feel slighted. It really has been great watching this new chapter in our lives develop. Initially P was going to handle dropping off at camp then school only until I was stationed at my permanent office. I really dislike driving the sedan, and was looking forward to getting my van back.  But given SS' early departure to catch the B&G bus it just made sense for P to handle both drop off and pick up times.

P also gets more face time at school. Just this morning it hit me how few times I have been on campus this school year.  Months ago it was my Monday through Friday routine.  I really cherish the two Fridays a month that I get to be there for SS. This morning I remembered that last year the school Halloween Parade was the Friday before Halloween. And since it was held first thing in the morning I panicked. I didn't want SS to be the only child there without a costume.  P had not come across any flyers or heard anything.  I texted one of the moms and found the parade will be held next Thursday. Makes sense to have it on Halloween, but today would have been so convenient for me.  And my supervisor totally gets it and will sign off on me coming in a couple of hours later. But I'm so new that I really want to be judicious with my requests.  I much rather save the good will points for P's or SS's illness. It's just how it works here, we are an island of three.

And as expected P came to the rescue, he will take some personal time off to be there to cheer for whatever super hero our daughter will morph into for the parade.  They have a strict costumes off rule immediately after the parade (to avoid upsetting parents who believe Halloween is devil worship), so SS will need help.  I made it last year, now it's P's turn to enjoy the madness, and I will wait patiently for pictures, just like he did last year.  Here's a prediction, P will conveniently forget that masks are not allowed. Maybe we can rotate daytime special school moments starting next year. 

SS had a cough for a few days that we kept under control with OTC medication. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and very unhappy. P told me to thank my daughter for passing it on. The girl is all about sharing, especially her precious germs.  But SS also woke up with a sore throat and phlegm coughing. We are both going to have to go to bed early, nicely medicated because we have full days tomorrow.  I'm going to do another six hour stint at work (loving Health Care Reform) and SS is going to work with Baba.  That makes 14.5 down and 25.5 to go. And I'm sure SS will once again go out of her way to slight me in favor of her Baba.

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