Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She makes us laugh, and she makes us teary eyed.

This happened Sunday as P was combing SS's hair...

SS: Baba, what is a hobbit?
P: A person of short stature.
Me: Cringed because I know better.
SS: HEY! I'm only a kid!

About two weeks ago SS had a mishap at school and I received a voice mail from the school nurse. I had neglected to inform the school that I was no longer the parent to call first.  That honor is now P's because he has the flexibility to do what he did, rush over to the school. I found it odd that the school nurse, who is very well acquainted with SS, was using her first name.  Not only that, but she was pronouncing it properly. It was even weirder when she said SS was sitting next to her and SS did not correct her.  Everyone calls SS by her nickname, her K teacher had no idea it was not her given name until she looked at her file.  I was more worried about my baby's well being and forgot to inquire with SS later.

I got my answer a few days later. P told me that Mrs. S (SS's teacher) came up to him after school and told him that SS wants to be addressed by her first name.  She was confused because everyone uses her nickname and asked P if we use her first name at home.  Nope, this was news to us.  SS looked up from what she was doing and said "I love my real name." And that is the teary eyed part. Not that she is embracing her first name, but that she is letting people know how it is pronounced. SS knows that she is named after her maternal great grandmother, and how much Mami meant to me. So yeah, it made me teary eyed to hear SS say that she loves her name. And then I laughed because I realized that SS must have set the school nurse straight, taking in consideration how carefully she pronounced SS's name.

OMG she looks so feminine, you can't tell she has a Y chromosome.The best thing about this picture is that P got her ready for school.  He was home and we never wake our beautiful beast before we need to if we are home. I volunteered to awaken our bear to get her ready for picture day but P reassured me that he was perfectly capable of getting his own child ready. He did a great job, and we were looking forward to a toothless smile, but you can't really tell she's missing teeth. To those who usually get a picture, we should get them out in the mail by the time SS starts third grade.   

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