Sunday, June 01, 2014

It's small, but it'll do for now.

Next Thursday is SS's last day of school, we can't believe it's over, and now we start the summer routine. A great change as far as SS is concerned is that she won't be in tutoring all summer in two languages like last year.  Mrs. S is confident that if SS reads and writes on her journal daily there will be no problems when she starts second grade in August. We can't believe SS is about to complete first grade, that went by so darn fast. Our goal this school year was for SS to be at grade level, since she missed kinder by all practical purposes. SS met that goal, next year we will work on helping her exceed her grade goals.  That will take work because SS is lazier at seven than her brother ever was as a teenager. Forget that stereotype that all Asians are driven, our girl is not going to be the one asking for more homework, let alone any educational challenges. It's going to be up to us to motivate her lazy a$$. That should be fun. However, if she slacks off on her reading and writing, then off to tutoring she goes.

SS is looking forward to Boys and Girls club and swimming classes. It's funny because last summer she swore she did not want swimming classes. The trip to Maui did help SS realize that swimming has its advantages. She now calls her snorkeling mask her SCUBA diving mask, and practices in her little pool. Our unemployed daughter confidently states that she is visiting Maui next year, and she's going to SCUBA dive.  SNUBA maybe, SS will be old enough, but she's three years away from a SCUBA certification. And I would not put it passed P to sign her up.

SS is having fun with her little pool and enjoys diving for her sticks.  She does quite well considering that she has only three feet of water to work with. It does not bother her one bit, she is a fish, and loves to be in water. P bought a solar cover for the pool and we are surprised at how well it works. The first day that water was freaking freezing. Now it's nice and warm, perfect for a dip after work to cool off.  Although SS said the surface water is too hot for her.  SS can easily spend 30-40 minutes diving to get her sticks. That translates into a tired SS who crashes by 8 (sometimes before) and saves us the I'm not tired why do I have to go to bed whinefest. We all win.

Since P has been holding down the dinner fort around here (work has been beyond stressful) I decided it was time to get back in the kitchen. I made chicken piccata for dinner as a thank you to P. Not only did SS clean her plate, but she requested and liked capers!


Michelle said...

Looks like fun! You guys are welcome to come swim in our pool this summer, although you'll still need the wetsuit because ours is freezing all of the time. I wish they'd get a solar cover. No dragon boating for you guys this summer? :(

2china4S said...

We are upset that we had to skip Dragon Boat again. We both suck at paddling, but it was about SS and her interaction with others like her. Just having one day a week when P and I are home sucks, and that day is Sunday. P applied for a position (same employer) that will give him weekends off. We'll see.

Michelle said...

First off, you don't suck at paddling. No one is great at it. Heck I've been doing it for seven years and I'm certainly no expert! But I totally understand the family thing. It's tough to have only one day a week together as a family. We are starting a kid's team so maybe next year?