Thursday, June 12, 2014

First day of summer camp.

Summer did not start out well for SS. It looks like her archery teacher is not coming back, and B&G has yet to find a replacement. After the accident that damaged his trailer Coach A just could not get back into the swing of things which is a shame.  Once we are settled with our summer routine we are going to look into whether he still has his archery shop and see if SS can have classes there.  Last Saturday I got up bright and early to sign up SS for swimming classes and could tell a block away from the community center that something was wrong. No line of early risers around the building. SS swims in the last session of the day, and no one wants it, so we have some leeway getting there.  There will be no first session of swimming classes. Why? Because they have no staff. The swimming instructors graduated and moved on to college and our city administration was asleep at the wheel.  They did not see that one coming? If they can hire enough staff they will wold sign ups June 21 for the remaining sessions. We are not holding our breath on that one.  Of course that also means no family swimming at the pool. Really glad we at least have the tiny inflatable for SS.

Setbacks aside SS was excited to return to B&G yesterday for the first day of summer camp.  It was a long one, a 10 hour day, because I dropped and picked her up. We are so amazingly organized that we were out of breakfast foods, totally out. Not a problem, because crappy sausage muffins with eggs are acceptable breakfast fare around here.  So yeah, I fed my child substandard food, while assuring her that Baba will stock our kitchen while she endured playtime at B&G.  You can see how upset SS was at the inconvenience. 

And there she was, beyond excited at the summer ahead, which is only three days a week. SS is still happy because she does not know that we are signing her up for the reading/writing/math program. We are evil that way and my goal this morning is to have her scheduled starting next week.  It would be nice if the B&G gave discounts for referrals.  Their rates increased by $4 a day, and that adds up. In the past week two of my coworkers have signed up their kids. One last Friday, a 14 year old boy, and one yesterday afternoon, a 7 year old girl. Both parents started training with me last year and we work in the same office. J, the girl's dad picked my brain about B&G and how appropriate it is for a 7 year old. We feel comfortable, as long as SS does not go on field trips, she is too young at this time, plus we provide plenty for her. J then paid me a backhanded compliment.  He said he feels comfortable because "you are anal when it comes to your daughter, so if you allow her to go there it has to be OK." OUCH, excuse me for wanting my kid to be well looked after.

SS is all smiles here, but I found a hot mess when I picked her up. A happy, hot mess with hair all over the place. The girl barely said two words during the drive home, but perked up as soon as he hit the driveway.
Not very happy that I told Baba she was a mess.

Is obvious SS had a great day yesterday and burned some energy, because this is what I found this morning. She has been starting to sleep with her head towards the foot of the bed, like I do when not feeling well. Gee SS pick up all my bad habits why don't you. Baba came through for us with a nice dinner, then while SS was in the bath he did a Costco run to tide us over until we can do the big shopping trip that is a must.

Sunday is not only Father's Day but also our anniversary and we have yet to plan anything. There's a little trip we are contemplating but it will have to wait. We just do not (well, I do not) have the vacation time necessary to pull it off. But we are going to chill and spend the day together.P will come home Friday and Saturday bone tired and crash shortly after dinner. I'd be surprised if he makes it past seven on Saturday. That leaves one whole day for us to enjoy family time. Sucks big time, but at least the girl gets what she needs.

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