Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Second grade here she comes!

Sorry to be MIA for so long, but after blinking and missing first grade, I did not want a repeat of that awful feeling about SS's summer. We did not take daily pictures, did not go to Knott's/Soak City as often, did not do anything big during summer.  But we made it a point to enjoy each and every second we had with our girl. And just like that second grade arrived way before we were ready to let SS go and keep growing. 

We started the morning with a refreshing shower to make sure SS would be fully awake, then a nice breakfast. If you have been here before it should not surprise you to see avocado on SS's scrambled eggs. As usual we worry about her penchant for not eating when away from home. In her lunchbox today she had milk, juice, yogurt, strawberries, apple sauce, Mexican rice, and flautas topped with freshly made guacamole. SS loves flautas, so we are hoping she at least eats those. We also made sure she had a thermos with iced water, because it gets nasty hot around here. SS cleaned up her plate, so even if she does not eat all her lunch we feel much better.

This is new, because SS is all into making silly faces and super hero poses. When I asked her to take her place for the obligatory first day of school picture, she surprised me. Dear G0d, please don't let this be a shift to girly, frilly, vacuous behavior.

SS added a shout out to her beloved Angels to her uniform.

Greeting the school principal, Mrs. R.

Look who is finally in transitional kindergarten, none other than Miss M. Her brother is SS's age and a good friend, but M has always been drawn to SS. Such gorgeous girls. And as you can see, SS's school is still an uniform optional school. Since I had SS wearing uniforms before this became an option, to SS is just the way to dress for school. And Chucks, SS must have Chucks.

SS first grade class was split this year, then again being a K-1st combo class there were not that many first graders. Only two of her classmates are in her classroom this year. At least SS had T as a familiar face.

Lunch boxes and snacks are always placed outside,.

Then came the curve ball our stubborn daughter did not like one bit. Backpacks are to be left outside as well. We do not know if this is temporary or not, but SS's mood soured right away.

New year, new desk, new challenges.

K and first grade kids walk with the teachers to the gate and are released only to the parent or approved person. This will be SS's first year leaving among the free for all that is release time. We found the past two years rather overwhelming, and not looking forward to have SS among so many bigger kids. We'll see how she handles the utter madness that is the end of the school day.

We think it was rather clever for the teacher to get them busy right away, amid all the chaos that is that first morning of the new school year.Thankfully for us the task was math, SS's favorite.

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