Monday, October 13, 2014

Camp Spooky Fun.

Yesterday we made our now yearly trek to Camp Spooky to turn SS loose with her costume. The poor thing has been waiting a year to wear her Red Power Ranger Mega Force costume.  After three season passes SS is very easy going when we visit Knott's, she knows it won't be her last time and acts accordingly.That is really good because we are no longer crazy enough to want to spend an entire day at an amusement park.

There is usually a hearse parked at the front during Halloween Haunt (aka Scary Farm), but this is the first time they have had a monster hearse as well. It was hidden by the exit, but I spotted it by chance. This is usually a P photo op, but SS took off running as soon as she saw it and it had to be the two of them. SS totally has the short person syndrome, bigger is better in her book.

Cool Jack-o-lanterns.

Can you find our spooky goblin?

The attendant really got into the Halloween spirit. She suggested that SS ride the broom, then jumped in to ham it up.

SS really likes this ride and has asked me to ride with her several times. I am not a fan, because it bounces too much for my liking. There is no height requirement, only to ride with an adult if under 42 inches. I have seen many infants on it and it makes me uncomfortable. Don't know why, since we are roller coasters freaks.

As you can see, the more weight the more bounce, and that is why we have refrained from riding with SS.

SS LOVES super hero poses.

Seven years old and still "needs" her stroller. I was putting on SS's costume in the parking lot when we arrived, in the back of the van. There was a woman with a kid and stroller across from us and she approached us about our stroller. She was waiting for us to bring it out to take a look. It wasn't until she asked when we bought it that it hit us that we have had the Hummer for 8 years. Yep, way before SS came home. We still love the stroller, and the lady had not seen SS, so she was surprised that we were still using a stroller. We showed her the storage space and she was sold. SS is seven and should walk, but using the Hummer means we can bring a cooler with water and Gatorade, and do not have to carry a backpack in the heat. Did I mention how much we love our stroller? And it accommodates two kids, as in two full size kids.

SS had a great time chasing after Baba in a bumper car driven by JJ.

Meanwhile P was having fun ramming into random kids. Check out the smile on his face.

We still can't get over this face, should we be worried? Because it's pretty scary specially from such a sweet looking child.

SS was able to say hi to quite a few characters. It's why we love Knott's, because as much as we love SS there is no way in hell we will stand in line for two hours (if not more) to see a stupid D*sney Princess. Nope, not going to happen, not that SS has any interest. Just as we walked into Camp Spooky SS met Linus, who of course had his blanket.

Count Snoopula made sure we would get a good picture for our 2015 calendar.

We just wanted to see her beautiful face.

Sally and Franklin were being ushered out but graciously agreed to pose with SS. The things you do for your kids, because in that heat they surely needed the break. But I had to ask, because it made my SS happy. I am shameless when it comes to my kids.JJ inadvertently photo bombed SS.

When Charlie Brown came down from the stage SS surprised us by going up to him and gave him a high five.
The show started about 20 minutes after SS took her picture with Snoopy.  When Snoopy came on stage SS's reaction was priceless. She shrieked like she had not seen him in a year, it was so beautifully pure and it made our day. P and I were grinning like idiots, but it was such a great memory making moment. There is nothing better in the world like experiencing things through our child's eyes.

Then there were the Dia de Muertos decorations, we had a blast taking it all in.

See those two behind us? That's us twenty five years from now.

Such a cool stage, SS loved it.

Again, P and I in a quarter century.

I would not mind having this planter hanging on my doorway.

P thinks this lamp would look awesome in SS's bedroom. Can you imagine her waking up in the middle of the night and facing the skulls?

Gargoyles, we were treated to fountain gargoyles. We had a great time, had an early dinner and SS was in bed at 8:00 p.m. She must have had a lot of fun because she was very tired this morning. She did her best poor me I can hardly move drama, but off to school she went.

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