Thursday, October 09, 2014

She's making a list, she's checking it twice; wants us to believe there is not a single naughty, all is nice.

SS has her Holidays down and does not waste any time. She had her Halloween costume the last week of August, and that was a long wait for her. SS usually chooses the next year costume the day after Halloween, and sticks to her decision an entire year. We are still fascinated about that, but SS likes what she likes. We are praying she remains that way.

Over a month ago SS asked for a Christmas gift, and repeated it several times. I was honest and told her that she would have to remind me closer to Christmas, because I knew I would not remember. SS took care of that immediately. She made a list in the reminders app of her iPad. The girl is no dummy because her iPad is under my name (SS can't have her own account since she is under 18 years of age), and that means the reminder also appears on my mini iPad and phone. Damn you Steve Jobs!!!!! That and RIP, sorry.

The first item on SS's list cracks me up because it's a hieroglyph to me, but SS reads it like it's the most natural thing in the world. Even the items I can read go right over my head because my brain does not process Lego speak.  Thankfully we have JJ to translate for us, otherwise we would be lost.

No need to fret about not getting the list, SS is quite adept at reminding and explaining to us what she wants. Sorry about the messy face, she had just eaten.

Recently I posted about how SS can crack an egg in a backward way. I found the video, and it still cracks us up.

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