Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

October is THE BEST MONTH around here, not only do we celebrate P's birthday, but, HALLOWEEN. SS has been asking for decorations since the first day of the month, and we finally delivered.

When hedges attack! 

I used the cookie cutters on SS's sandwich, and she gets to eat a witch hat and a ghost for lunch.

But the deal is she must finish the mess that is left after fun is had. Well, the middle, I'm not bothering with the edges. 

And a side of pickles, because SS is all about pickles whenever she can get them.

This morning I was combing SS's hair while CNN was on as usual. The breaking news announcement was made, and as usual I didn't expect much. Because CNN has a serious misunderstanding of what the term means at times. They cover a story for a day and still use that announcement.  This time it was used properly, a stabbing attempt foiled in Jerusalem. Good morning world, thanks for the reminder of how f*cked up, crazy, violent the world is. As I was pondering that the reporter on the scene was talking but I did not catch the beginning. I did hear the phrase lone wolf, and not sure what context it was used, and it really did not matter, it's part of the post mortem drivel.

Then SS begins howling, HOWLING, and it took me a few seconds to realize she heard the phrase, is not aware of its meaning in the context used, but what the hell, the dude on TV said lone wolf, and she's going to howl like a wolf.  And that led to me dissolving in a fit of laughter. Which is kind of inappropriate, given the suspect is dead, and it is indeed a tragedy, and an all too common occurrence. It's tone of those things that as a mother of a young child I should take seriously, and I do. But the last thing I expected was to have my child howling like a lunatic in the middle of the living room at 7:00 a.m.

The thing is we have had a rough few months, it's been stressful, as evidenced by P's eighteen pound weight loss. His mother's health is taking a toll on him, and he is struggling with things I experienced as a child and teen, so many moons ago. I remember the pain, and feel the loss decades later, and there is nothing I can do to make it better for him.  Coupled with never knowing when I'm coming home, and worrying where am I investigating by my lonesome, and if I'm safe. The past week was hell for us, and it was an eye opener as to how much I have missed, and how much I'm missed. And it's hurtful to see how stressed out my eight year old, innocent child has been. So howl away SS and be the carefree eight year old you are meant to be. The past week of extra cuddles has been good for all of us, and now thanks for the laughs. 

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