Friday, October 16, 2015

SS's big backpack.

It does look huge and heavy from this perspective, but it only contains he homework binder and lunch box.  

Plus her two water bottles in the side pockets. It's been really hot as usual, but also humid. SS has been finished both water bottles this week. She is going to need another metal water bottle, because SS likes her water ice cold, and the ice in the plastic water bottle melts. And from the earful I got yesterday this is very upsetting to our daughter. 

Coming soon to a store near you, SS's own brand of Lego jewelry. The girl is discovering some girly things she likes, but obviously with her own twist. She is at school today wearing one off this on each wrist. SS also discovered My Little Pony, and likes the yellow one, the name is Shutter something, bug, fly, or shy. Not too sure about it because I'm only fluent in super hero or Lego language. 

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