Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's Shark Week!

It is not a secret that we are a shark loving family. P loves sharks, SS loves sharks, and I have been swept into the shark loving fest by association. Kidding aside, it's nice to see SS still loving sharks now that she is a big girl. I wonder what kind of intelligence black ops tactics P used to achieve his goal.

I had to take this picture because it's obvious SS is going through her bodily function/anatomical reference giggling phase. She noticed the alteration to the sign before me. Thankfully I have matured albeit minimally.

After swimming and dinner we resumed our Shark Week celebration. For someone who is easily scared SS has managed to watch about a dozen hours of shark documentaries. Because what is better than watching a cuddly little baby shark grow up to become a potential human eating huge shark? How cute are they with their matching shirts? Of course SS had to add her shark hat purchased for her school's crazy hat day.

OK, they are beyond cute, but both gave me side eye for not buying a shirt for myself. I'll make sure to observe proper Shark Week protocol next year.

 I could not find matching shark shorts, and to be honest I was surprised to find a pair in an adult size. I love how P wears his shark shorts and does not care what anyone thinks. He wears them out and about, not only for this week.

Let's get our shark gear on and go watch Finding Dory, no one is going to find this inappropriate.

SS is really regaling the opportunity to do her shark imitation.

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