Saturday, August 06, 2016

Star Wars night at the baseball stadium.

Last year the local stadium had a super hero night, this year SS thoroughly enjoyed Star Wars night.

SS with Commander Cody from the Clone Wars.

Finally a Darth Vader SS's size.

SS and Jango Fett, a bounty hunter and obviously almost as a bad ass as our daughter.

SS encountered many Storm Troopers and they gladly posed with her. The Death Star is in the background. SS is sitting next to me telling the names of the characters and telling me what to write.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Another Storm Trooper and Rey.

When Storm Troopers collide. Who let the Clones out? A nice Clone traded weapons with SS, we can totally see her out there bounty hunting with glee.

This kid loves Star Wars so much she would even pose with a scary Jawa.

Told you there were LOTS of Storm Troopers and SS wanted a pic with all of them. SS wants me to note that initially Storm Troopers were on the Jedi's side, and used to be called Clones. It's like she speaks a different language.

Oh yeah, there was a baseball game going on while all the picture taking took place.

A group of bounty hunters, and yet our daughter is the scariest in the group.

Even the mascot, Thunder, dressed up for the occasion.

Ah the PRIZED, the good one, the one SS has idolized since she was barely 5 years old.

SS would not pose with this one and P is not one to miss on the fun.

Masks and weapons were not allowed indoors (except for the "talent"), and yes SS had both. Because when you are a cute little girl decked out in a so called boy's costume, and you are as bad ass as SS is, people willingly look the other way. P was not willing to get escorted out by security and banned from the park. He sensibly waited to pose outside. 

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