Thursday, January 07, 2016

We are going to have another late start.

We went to be really early for us last night, after having pho for dinner to settle my stomach. Then the jerks next door had the TV on blasting. We called the main desk and they called the room and there was no answer. They probably passed out with the TV on. SS was crying at 2:00 am because the noise woke her up several times. I so wanted to rip them a new one.

SS woke up about an hour ago, had breakfast and is now playing. P's sleep was also disturbed and is now catching up on some sleep. We will hopefully get out of here in the next hour.

It's good to see P get some rest, sleep has been eluding him this past year. And he actually had breakfast this morning, something he rarely does. I'm taking that as a good sign he is on the mend.

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