Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anti-Bully Week

Last week was Anti-Bully week at SS's school. Her teacher likes to draw, and teaches the kids at least once a week, and encourages them to draw.  This is good for SS because right now there are no art classes offered locally. Mr. C asked the students to make a drawing about anti bullying. Our daughter has two parents who are incapable of drawing stick figures. I think I have mentioned that when I was a child forensic interviewer the children would make fun of my drawings (drawing during an interview breaks the ice, and busy hands relax kids), much to my colleagues' amusement. They finally made me face the fact that the kids were right and while I was a darn good interviewer, I had to do something about my lack of drawing skills. I had to resort to folding a paper much like an attempt at origami, open it, then color the fold shapes. In the twenty plus years I have known P, I have never seen him draw anything. That is how awful we are at art.

But SS is JJ's sister, never mind that they don't share a strand of DNA, but they both started drawing comics at an early age. JJ started his character Puppet, when he was six years old. I never got an explanation how Puppet came about, but he was still drawing him as a young adult. Imagine our surprise when SS started drawing her own comics. Unlike JJ, SS does not have a go to or main character. She is always coming up with different ideas and characters. They both loved to read comic books and were super hero crazy at the same ages, so that may be the common thread. We do know that prompting and creative help were non existent with either.

So instead of going along and making a drawing, SS made a comic about anti bullying. It's not full ride scholarship good, but we love that our girl is invested in her art, and that she is creative.

I should have listened to SS when she told me I'm not good at taking pictures. Well, this time I was not good at placing the drawing straight on the wall. Would it have killed me to wait until P returned in a few minutes? Patience is not I virtue I possess, and SS wanted to fold her drawing ASAP as to not forget to return it to her teacher tomorrow. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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