Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SS's return to karate.

SS really enjoyed karate class when she started in kindergarten. Her friend K was in the same class and they both advanced to yellow belt at the same time. K and family moved to Colorado after that, and SS lost the same size person she could pair during sparing. She attended two more sessions after that, but her surprising willingness to spar came to a halt. The child closest to SS's height and weight was way taller and heavier. SS's enthusiasm for karate waned, and we decided it was OK to give her a break. Well, SS asked to return to karate and we said why not.

This evening SS received her yellow belt third degree. She was very pleased with herself, and we are hoping she sticks with the classes, because she really needs it for coordination and discipline. Her instructor is quite an interesting guy. He has a black belt in karate, and is also an art instructor, and soccer coach. Mr. W is an interesting mix of humor and strict adherence to the rules.

He does not always pair the kids with same size partners, explaining if someone attacks them is not always going to be someone their same size. We can't argue with that reasoning, but it still pulls our heartstrings when she is pair with a boy more than a foot taller, who out weights her by 50+ pounds. SS is now rather timid when it comes to same size partners and is quite a soft touch, afraid of hurting her partners. Maybe with time she will become more confident in her skills.

Oh WOW look what I got!

I did it Mama and Baba, I did it! SS was really nervous about the evaluation and was convinced she would not pass. At this level the instructor is far more lenient. It's about getting the kids hooked on the discipline and get them hungry to advance. There was little sparing this time and that suited us just fine. Mainly because we have no idea where SS's sparing gloves are located. She feels icky using gloves worn by many others. Also at some point we will need to address the appropriateness of wearing glasses because accidents happen. But for now SS is just happy to be back, and that is fine with us.

ETA: You know what happens when you have not blogged in so long? You screw up, and I did. 

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