Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It’s Mickey!

 We have had Disneyland passes for three years and this is SS's first Mickey picture. The lines are too darn long, and she has never asked. As you see on the video today was her lucky day. We were leaving the park and heard excited voices,  and Mickey walked right in front of us! Now that is a short line we all agreed was worth  the wait.  There was a father behind us pissed at his daughter. He said "YOU could have been the one holding his hand." His daughter started following Mickey before we noticed him. However, Mickey held his hand to SS, it wasn't the poor girl's fault.

 This lucky break should help ease our pain from losing our camera at the park. The camera itself is no big deal. But we had all the pictures from a once a year and first trip to a special place. I'm anal about downloading pictures at night. we were so beat yesterday that I forgot to download the pictures AND awesome videos. We still have great memories from such a special day.

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