Saturday, January 13, 2018

Our beautiful, budding artist.

SS is always drawing and really enjoyed her art classes. We were very disappointed when the classes in our city were canceled. SS is talented but not scholarship talented. What matters is that she really enjoyed the class and no longer had that guidance. Surprisingly it did not stop SS's zeal for drawing. 

 She would look at tutorials on the Internet and follow instructions on how to draw whatever interested her that day.

We admired her resilience and her determination to look for another way to learn to draw.


A few months ago SS requested we buy her the above Pokemon book. SS has SO many books, and it seemed overkill to get a book about Pokemons.  It was not expensive and SS is well behaved, gets good grades, and is an all around good kid. That is SS's ace, she is a good kid, so we bought her the book.

 SS has a full size sketch book, then we bought a smaller one to take along on the van, and when are away from home. I do not know when she used her full size sketch book last. She seems to prefer the compact one. SS has made dozens of drawings on  lose pages and they are all over the house.

Now she is on a Pokemon kick and uses the book as a guide. The book contains about 80  different Pokemons, and their biographies. There are no instructions on how to draw, so SS is on her own.

 I really like this one, it's just over the top weird. SS needs to use the special eraser we bought for her to prevent smudges. She likes regular erasers, old school girl.

 She started this one at the hotel Wednesday evening. SS puts on her headphones, listens to music, and indulges on her bliss.

She added two more and told us there will be a total of six. We have no idea why they must be on the same page. 

 This is one of my favorites, because for a girl who is afraid of everything she sure likes skulls.

P loves the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, and it is now one of SS's favorites. P's favorite character is Jack Skellington. SS drew this on November 15, 2016. I am such a bad mother and wife, I have yet to get it printed on canvas for P's office. I will also give him the skull one SS made for me to atone for my laziness.

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