Thursday, August 21, 2008

First month home.

One month ago we arrived at SFO ready to begin our adventure of a life with Baby S. She has not disappointed us and works very hard at filling our days with joy, laughter, hugs, kisses and sleep deprivation. Can't blame her though as the changes she has endured in such a short time would throw anyone for a loop. I think jet lag has been the biggest obstacle we have faced. Our bodies are amazing instruments and do rise to the occasion when needed. We had expected jet lag to kick our butts in China but the much anticipated breakdown did not materialize. Silly us, we were running on pure adrenaline and blissfully unaware of what awaited us once home. Still better to breakdown at home than in China.

Since today is Wednesday and P had to work we laid low. We took Baby S to a local park to try their playground. Baby S would not go for the swings and did not want to use the slide. Since we did not visit her SWI nor have seen pictures, we have no idea if she just does not have a concept of how much fun swings and slides are or if she is too needy right now to part from us. We just practiced on her walking then took her to BK to let her pig out on French fries, something she can't get enough of these days.

These weekend we are celebrating one month home by taking a small trip with Baby S. P made reservations for us to spend the weekend at a nice hotel with two pools (one is humongous). Initially I was unsure as the "experts" advice waiting at least six months before exposing the babies to unfamiliar surroundings overnight. Then P reminded me that the same "experts" advised against bringing toys with lights and sounds as the babies would be frightened by them. And that is why even though we have dozens of such toys home, we found ourselves at the Kunming Wally Mart searching for those same toys we left behind. Yep, Baby S could not get enough of the noise and lights. :) P won that round of logical thinking.

We are looking forward to three days of teaching Baby S to become comfortable in water and lounging by the pool. P also made it very clear that I will not be hiding behind a camera during our time together. I will actually be in the water with him, learning how to risk my daughter's life by letting go of her in 5 feet of water. :)

I turned to the dark side and forced this bow on my very upset daughter. :)

This is a far as she would allow us to be. All that good stuff back there? Not the least interested.

Observation area by the fish ladders. We'll return when the salmon are ready to spawn.

Mama, that is a LOT of water. Can we swim?

She does have the cutest little baby face.

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