Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

For those of you who know me, you know this is big for me. Yep, I am admitting that I just celebrated a birthday on August 13. I hate, no, loathe, my birthday. I’m pretty sure that it began when Papi passed in May, just before my 11th birthday. By the time my birthday rolled around, it really felt disrespectful to me to be celebrating anything. I know, really, what business does an eleven-year old have thinking that way? That is just the kind of weird kid I was.

On my 18th birthday I made perhaps the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. Add to that the loss of three pregnancies within days of my birthday, the long wait for Baby S, and I think I have darn pretty good reasons for wanting to skip a yearly reminder of the worse in my life. The last two places where I have worked have a monthly newsletter that lists employee’s birthdays. I always make sure that mine is not listed. No way, nope, it ain’t going to happen.

When Persistent P came along he had the gall to tell me that I could keep the whole darn world from knowing or celebrating my birthday, but not him. To P, birthdays are a big deal. Well, J’s, S’s, his grandma’s, his and mine are a big deal. So he decided to compromise and every year he celebrates, but no parties or other embarrassing stuff. He usually takes me for a weekend of amusement park/water park fun. Gosh, we have had some great times. P also knows that I am not a girly girl; jewelry, flowers and candy are not my thing, so I always get electronics as a gift. I have really enjoyed my birthdays with him (even the one when I got a 3rd degree burn and landed at an ER in Oregon, August 13, at 1:00 p.m., the time I entered this world. Cool, huh? What are the odds?). I know how hard P strives to make me happy during my special day and I hope he realizes how much I appreciate his efforts.

This year we did not have the time for a weekend getaway and I would have nixed it anyway because it is too soon for Baby S to spend a night away from home. P was upset because he had not purchased my gift. He gave me a Nikon D60 before we went to China and he intended to get me a point and shoot because he knew there’s no way I could schlep Baby S and the Nikon when we are out and about. The thing is that with the referral and everything after that, I did not have the time to research and tell him what I wanted (Isn’t he sweet? He actually asked). BTW, I made it clear prior to referral that having Baby S and traveling to China were more than enough gifts for me. I could not think of anything I wanted other than my daughter.

The thing is that I received one of the most amazing gifts for my birthday, just a month earlier. I traveled to China to meet my daughter and will hopefully spend six months at home getting to know her. I feel greedy thinking about wanting more. OK, I’ll get over it soon; after all, I am all about the loot.  I told P I was going to blog about my b-day and he was stunned. I reassured him that it was OK and that I should mark the first year since Papi passed away that I am in such a good place that I’m ready to let go. I have finally come almost full circle; I have J, Baby S and P. We now look forward to Baby D (last arc on our circle), but know that it will take years to bring our last born home. It’s OK, Baby S is going to keep us running ragged until then.

Since this is post fact, you may wonder how did we celebrate. I spent the day doing what I have been doing since July 7, playing with my girl. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant, where Baby S stuffed her little face with samosas (patties stuffed with potatoes, green peas and spices), lamb biryani (Basmati rice cooked with boneless lamb), lamb boti kabab (boneless lamb marinated in yogurt), tandori wheat baked bread and mango pudding with fruit. We thought her belly was going to burst. I don’t know many sixteen-month olds who fancy lamb, curry and lentils, but Baby S enjoyed my b-day dinner.

OOPS, I forgot to mention that I received my first b-day card from Baby S. She is such a thoughtful little girl, especially when P is helping her impress her Mama. I must say that my daughter is quite perceptive since she not only chose a Snoopy card, but wrote just the right sentiment that melted her Mama’s heart. Great, another freaking charmer to get her way with me.

We capped the celebration by coming home and watching the Olympics. Yes, we lazy a$$e$ just hung out until bedtime. Best birthday I have had in a very long time. Also, it was the first b-day I have celebrated at home in, wow, like a decade.

P got me a NICE point and shoot as a present and I can’t wait for it to arrive. One of my favorite mom bloggers owns that digi cam and it is waterproof.

Since I have been a lazy (albeit with a good excuse) blogger, I will try to give you a glimpse of what has been happening around here.

Two best...

birthday presents....

I've ever received. (Baby S & J)

This is what happens in the time it takes me to get out of bed a reach the door (a few feet away). Baby S must be with me All. The. Time. That morning, I told P to change her diaper while I made a bottle downstairs. Did not make it to the door before the crying began. P then realized that he had not touched his wife in ages and decided to see if crying and outstretched arms would get him some attention. Sorry, the cute little one won.

Meeting A&J, who brought the store's water toy section as a present for Baby S. It was really nice of J (blue blouse) to part with the toys. She really had a difficult time letting them go, but Baby S promised to share.

Baby S does this the second her tiny hiney hits the high chair. Our girl LOVES to eat.

Baby S learned to sign "more" her second week in China. Hers is a modified sign because she can't get the tips of her fingers together yet. However, she uses the sign appropriately and consistently. We are now working on poop, drink and bath.

Pretty girl.

Meeting Grandpa A (who is now visiting cousin Bell). On August 13, Grandpa A celebrated his 7th year of sobriety. We are so proud of you Grandpa!

China does not grant dual citizenship and Baby S's was revoked when she arrived at SFO. That did not stop Baby S from enjoying the Olympics opening ceremonies and vigorously cheering for her birth country. See, our little girl at one is already doing better than the Swiss wrestler, whose name I cannot recall and do not care to look up.

OK, so maybe the sting was eased by the fact that if she ever chooses to seek Olympic gold she could do it either as a member of the US or PR team.


Michelle said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I have been trying to add you to my bloglines but for some reason it simply won't add and then I forget to come her and check in on you. I'm gonna bookmark it right now. I got your message(s). Sorry, my phone had died and when I finally checked it at 9:00 tonight, I had some very irate messages from both my Dad and sister who where quite annoyed that I could not be reached! That is such a drag about the SS office. That must be something new because my sister got Grace's SS card with no problem. I'll try to remember to call you on my lunch break tomorrow, but I have been running around like crazy trying to get my house in order for my sister's visit. Love the new pictures. She is simply stunning and it looks like you are all bonding very well. Michelle

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see baby S!!! Just a little secret ~she is so much more fun than my other nieces~ J wants to make a lamb dish (she rarely cooks meat with me around so it is a great reason) and I'll make samosas and we will all eat till we burst. I just love the little red dress S was wearing. Too cute! ttyl ~auntie a~