Thursday, August 07, 2008

One month ago...

At the Civil Affairs Office in Kunming, China, we met the most beautiful girl we had ever seen. She was standing between her nanny’s legs, her Mama said her Chinese name, and the nanny nodded affirmatively (as tears formed in her eyes). The Mama kneeled and carefully approached the beautiful girl, hoping only to touch her and not scare her in the process. The Baba was filming their interaction and in as much of a haze as his wife. When the Mama moved towards the beautiful girl, the child reached out for her, the Mama held her, and their lives have forever changed. Not a tear was shed by the beautiful girl that day, but many happy tears were shed by her parents.

While we have been home for two weeks we are nowhere near settled. Baby S is thriving, very comfortable in her surroundings, happy and healthy. The Barnacle has taken her moniker seriously and is exceeding any expectations anyone could have about her attachment. She is on her way to be called McClingy.

Thank you J for starting this and remaining here against the odds to be with your sister.

Thank you Mami, Papi and Grandpa C for watching over our little girl for sixteen months.

Thank you to the People’s Republic of China for such a precious gift.



Scrunchy Face S


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the scrunchy face photo. I think Little Miss S is just too precious for words...everyone at my work agrees. Watching the Olympics right now and so amazed by the eloquent and artistically stunning job China has done in putting on the opening ceremonies….no doubt Baby S hails from a very beautiful culture. Hoping all is well. I plan on getting presents in the mail this weekend. All our best- Courtney, Matthew and Annabel

Anonymous said...

Aww... I love that scrunchy face!