Sunday, July 03, 2011


We have been having a boring summer, but we are not complaining. We had the trip of a lifetime in the summer of 2008. A year later we headed to New York and Puerto Rico, and last year we went to Chicago, Iowa; then reached the final destination on our thank you for supporting us during our wait for SS tour. Although we'd rather be in Maui this year, we are not even planning a staycation. We are traveled out and in no mood to leave our air conditioned abode. I was shocked today when I realized I had not posted in eleven days. I apologize for another water park post, but we have been up to nothing, and SS's family needs proof that she is still around.

Showing off her new bathing suit, and she actually selected a girly one.

I wished we were filming when I came home with a Buzz PFD for SS. I told her earlier that I had a treat for her and of course she was outside waiting when I came home. I hid the PFD behind my back and when she saw it she was speechless and slack jawed. It was a precious thing to see.

SS is ready to roll.

This is new behavior for SS, because up to last summer all she wanted to do was float on the lazy lagoon, sometimes up to ninety minutes. She did not last long.

SS MUST be between us, or at least touching both.

She posed and requested a picture.

The mushroom was very popular today.

P's money shot, we departed shortly after it was taken. SS was cold, and not even the long sleeve rash guard helped. The only down side of having a body completely devoid of fat.

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