Thursday, July 28, 2011

A very long, well deserved and very needed break.

We have not posted in a while, life has been beyond crazy and we are not only juggling but adapting. P mentioned that it's telling that our last post was on July 4th, such a milestone to be succeeded by seventeen days of milestones. while we did not post during those significant days, it was not because we are "over it." Our lives have changed, P and I are home together only one day per week, and we opted to celebrate those milestones and defer posting for a later time.

SS is keeping us busy cranking up her stubborn level, something we thought was an impossibility. Not a day goes by when she does not manage to keep us in awe, shock, falling deeper in love with her, marveling at how something so small can be so bossy, and even plain scared. Second best roller coaster ride we have been on, and we love roller coasters. As usual, SS has her daily moments...

About a week ago, P properly reacted to the silence around him by asking SS what she was doing. SS calmly and firmly answered.... "I'm breaking bad.!" UGH. P is hooked on that show, and the last thing we need is our daughter saying that at preschool. Is it naive to think no one at school knows what it means?

Yesterday we took SS swimming and on the drive home a song I like played on the radio. Much to our surprise SS belted the song in the backseat. Nothing funnier than 30 pounds of solid love singing “I‘m falling to PIECES!!!.”

This afternoon our area reached 106 degrees. I came home with my Halloween Haunt super mug containing ice cold water. As P and I were catching up on our day SS reached for my mug and greedily sucked on the very cold water. I jokingly said to P "good thing I do not have vodka in that thing." P replied "she would love that," SS happily piped up " I LOVE vodka." We can't wait for her to share that gem at preschool.

This afternoon I was informed that SS is being transitioned to the senior room. The same child who began her preschool days with a much younger group because we chose to focus on attachment rather than forcing potty training. I was torn when P shared that information. Just recently the school's director stated that there was no way SS could enter kindergarten with her chronological age peers. The senior class is graduating in September and the juniors will take their place. I immediately thought that it was a pity promotion, but P informed me that not all juniors are moving on, only those who can handle it academically and emotionally. Some of SS's peers, born and raised in this country will remain as juniors. I am still a bit skeptical because I believe in slow and methodical, rather than follow the crowd when it comes to post institutionalized children. But apparently SS and her peers who are moving on have spent a few days in the senior class and she is doing very well. Our baby is growing and I am not sure we can handle it.

SS began her preschool career in the sophomore room not only due to our refusal to force potty training, but because we felt that even if she was, her size, development and history warranted that restraint. They fought us something fierce when we made the decision that she was ready for the junior class. We are incredibly flabbergasted that SS, in nine months has come such a long way. We are proud and undeservedly blessed.

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