Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer here we come.

Wednesdays are SS and Mama day, it is our time to sleep late (in theory, because it has yet to happen) and spend the day together. Last Wednesday P went to work at an ungodly hour and came home early to spend time with us. Good thing we like the guy and allowed him to crash our girl day. P enjoyed himself so much that he did the same today, and we headed to the water park for some fun, because it was a very hot 103 degrees. Last night P gave me my anniversary present (even though we have a long standing no gift agreement), an Olympus waterproof camera. I was very disappointed when my previous waterproof camera broke during our last days in Maui. Since we take so many pictures of SS in water, P thought it would be a good idea to buy a new one. We are hoping this one holds up.

She's lean, she's mean, she's a sun and water worshiping machine.

Belated Baba's Day dinner. Old age has made P a pragmatic man. He did not feel like waiting for hours at his favorite steak joint last Sunday (they do not accept reservations), instead, he wanted to hand out with us, and wait until it was less crowded.

Taking a picture of Baba. SS is really good with Baba's iPhone, I won't let her mess with mine.

We were very impressed with how well SS did with her first steak dinner. She had not eaten this much in a long time. P had to text a picture of his tiny carnivore to Grandpa.

SS is getting more daring on the slide and we are having a blast watching her progress.

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