Sunday, December 25, 2011

Girlie girl Christmas.

We left Nana's and Grand Min's presents for Christmas morning, and we jokingly dubbed it girlie girl Xmas.

Gee, that dress again? There's a post coming about that dress.

SS has always smelled D-O-G for soothing, but lately she is smelling everything. It's a sensory thing.

A panda hat for our little panda.

Clothes, including the perfect pair of jeans. We have shared how difficult it is to find pants for SS. Blouses are a breeze, she usually gets into two sizes larger than her age just fine.But pants are a PITA. When I saw they were size 5 I thought too big, but with the skinny cut and adjustable waistband this is a winner. Now we have to look online for more.

Dora suede boots! SS's current ones are a size 8 and these ones are size 9. With SS's slow shoe size growth, she should be ready to wear them next winter. This is SS's first pair of character shoes, other than Snoopy flip flops that she won't fit into for years.

A pet pillow, and SS was happy.

We need to get out more because we had no knowledge of Wuggle Pets. It must be very easy to use, because I blinked and SS had two pets made.

The baby, we held our breath waiting for her reaction. So far so good, and is NOT mute.

Magnetic thank goodness sporty dressed up doll.

SS got a kick out of dressing this doll. The part she enjoyed the most was mismatching outfits.

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