Saturday, December 24, 2011

Super hero Christmas.

We had our now traditional early Christmas. JJ made it home for a mere 25.5 hour stay, and we are incredibly grateful. He arrived Friday at around 2 p.m. and had to leave Saturday at 3:30 due to work. Maybe that is why we cherish these moments so much. When JJ came in I was glad he did not wrap SS's gifts. The part that peeked out of his gift bag made me realize that P was about to make a late night run to buy the gift JJ had for SS.

We told SS that Santa arrived early because JJ was home. That was good enough for her. We have not really drilled the Santa myth on SS, we do not put out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. She is aware of the fact that her relatives give her gifts, but accepts our lame explanation that Santa left those gifts at their homes. It has worked so far. Abuela's and Abuelo's gift(s) will be reserved for Dia de Reyes. It is our way of reinforcing SS's connection to what is now a part of her diverse cultural heritage.

Of course JJ's eye catching (show off) gift bag had to be first. Love the fact that SS's Metropolis table can be turned into a flat surface for other things.

C@rs 2 Tokyo Spinout race track, the same item P was about to get when JJ arrived.

SS had been asking demanding, whining, blackmailing for a Francesco. We decided that it was time for SS to learn that she can't walk into a store and always come home with what she wants. When JJ was here for Thanksgiving, SS gave him an earful about how she felt about our stinginess (and many others per JJ). P bought her one, so did I, and so did JJ. Yep, now she has 3 Francescos, but we only gave her JJ's. The others are backups,

No way, another C@rs race track!

Grandpa's gift, the coveted Bat Cave.

SS has been testing our patience with her new reluctance to brush her teeth, It is the most dreaded part of our morning routine. So much that P and I have to take turns because neither one of us can stand the crying, drama, and plain pain in the neck that is those two short minutes. That says a lot from a couple who endured such a long, gut wrenching wait. Her tooth brushing drama makes us want to gouge our eyes out. SS claims that the toothpaste is sour, her strawberry flavor bubble gum toothpaste. UGH. We are hoping a L*ghti*ng McQu**n electronic toothbrush will restore some morning peace.

JJ's turn, he and P have a thing about zombies.

Big surprise, another C@rs 2 race track. She has three of four individual tracks that connect for a C@rs 2, your parents are so called college educated suckers extravaganza.

We even things out,why there was not much action regarding JJ.

JJ has our old TV, and it is in the living room of the apartment he shares with two roommates. We wanted him to have a nice TV in his room. We think he liked it.

SS is really into puzzles, she is good for her age.

Prior to the Santa pic, we took SS to the Mall just to have her talk to the fake dude and hear what she specifically wanted. Much to our surprise the women there remember SS from her first pic three years ago (creepy). SS, with her nice shiner sat on Santa's lap and did not hesitate when asked what she wanted. She said " a rocketship." The so called nice ladies laughed in a good luck with that way. I wanted Santa to ask, to probe, to freaking ask. Turns out they are hired based on their jolly old man looks, not their forensic interviewing training. P and I had no idea what that meant and SS was not helping.

Then while looking for another toy, something caught my eye at T@arget, had not seen it before, and there was only one left.

Mother of pearl, a TS3 space(rocket)ship. I sent P a picture and was texting price, etc. P could not care less, his text was simple: GET IT.

Poor Baby, disappointed?


As usual, SS bullied sweetly talked her big brother into prying her toys out of those annoying security traps, and assembling them.

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