Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Pic 2011

We waited procrastinated until today to get the yearly Santa picture and paid the price, an uncharacteristically antsy and uncooperative SS. In our lame defense, SS managed to trip and hit a door, and the result was a nice shiner in the middle of her forehead. I think it is the first time I wished she had bangs. Nah, those things never work. SS's behavior was due to the long wait. It was not too bad, about 30 minutes, but it is the longest SS has had to wait. Then we could not find the tights that actually fit, and she ended up wearing a much larger pair that bunched up something ugly. I pulled them up just before I sat her on Santa's lap. Note to self, get it done early next year. There is something off with Santa, not sure what, just off. Almost forgot, SS was mad at us because she wanted to wear her fedora. Hell to the no, even I have some standards. She then wanted to wear it on the way to the mall. Nope, we wanted the pony tails to be neatly in place. But boy, did she make us pay.


Although it was early December, SS was still beautifully tanned, thanks to our water activities and the trip to Maui. Love the dress and the demure pose with neatly placed hands.



We have always commented that SS cannot take a bad picture. Well, hell froze over and it was not pretty. Since the line was so slow we decided to amuse ourselves by snapping some pictures. SS was not about to let us off the hook, and here are the results.

She looks like she is about to be placed on a 5150 hold and enjoying her last moments of freedom as a demented person, before the straight jacket is on.

Not any better, and what is with grabbing the rail?

Not there yet.

Forget about it.

But wait, there's another reindeer and we are darn close to Santa, so maybe she will smile this time. Suckers! And we know this kid is amazing at spotting a camera and looking/smiling its way.

Freaking finally! The moral of the story is DO NOT tee off SS before a photo session.

This is one articulate young lady that reminds us of someone. P said that she would make a wonderful playmate for SS. You go Riley!

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