Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SS's first Soak City experience..

After In N Out we headed over to Soak City to provide SS with her first big water park experience. We could not wait to see her reaction to the long and wide Sunset River, and the wave pool, something totally foreign to SS. We arrived at 3:00 p.m. thinking we had three hours of aquatic fun. It was only the second day of the season, so they actually closed at 5:00. That turned out to be really good for us, because we were pooped by the time we arrived. SS took a cat nap on the way there, and was fully recharged and ready to roll.Although we used to drive/fly down for the Halloween Hunt pre SS, we never had the opportunity to visit the water park, since by October it was closed.

The park was not very crowded, another plus, and weird for a Sunday. SS did not need her wetsuit because the water was heated. That is a big change from our tiny water park up north. P and SS headed to Gremmie Lagoon first, where there is a cool submarine with a giant octopus on top. That area is for much younger children, but SS enjoyed herself, and she is quite petite, so she did not look out of place.  We then went to the Toyota Beach House, where SS and P had a blast with the water guns. Something cathartic about aiming a water gun and pelting a child on the head. SS could not use the slides, but that did not impede her fun, there was plenty for her to do. P and SS then sat to wait for the giant bucket to fill up and splash tons of water over them. 

We then moved to Sunset River, a third of a mile long and a giant figure eight. One thing that surprised us from other water parks is that SR has only one entrance and exit.  You better make sure you want in for a while.  From there we went on to try Tidal Wave Bay, where SS surprised us by not being scared of the waves. A huge improvement from Puerto Rico and Maui, seems that chlorinated water on her face is OK, unlike salty water. After doing a few wave cycles we returned to Gremmie Lagoon where we sat down and watched SS burn up more energy. SS was not ready to leave at closing time, but after a quick reminder that she will be returning at least once a week, SS relented.

SS is becoming very inpatient about her loose tooth. She wants that tooth out, and $5 under her pillow. She's been using her tongue to push on it, and makes one freaking funny face when hard at work. She talks to herself about her tooth, and a couple of times has wondered out loud if it's going to hurt. That tooth is as stubborn as its owner.

This is one cool kid area, unfortunately SS needs to grow two more inches before she is allowed to use the slides.

At least we got the most important face completely in the picture.

SS was a champ in the wave pool. Our daughter is one with water, definitely part fish.

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