Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Errand day.

Today SS and I had our twice a month extra day with P. We had to run some errands, and since the weather was overcast, we did not feel bad not going out to have fun. Our first stop was the library, where SS applied for and received her first library card. Boy was she excited, and kept cracking up the woman who was processing our information. SS's best moment came when she repeated something a commenter said quite a while back, she was mute and cute, and now she is loud and proud. Love the wit of the person who came up with that one.

We then headed to Boot Barn, to get work boots for P. One good thing about his job is that they provide him with uniforms, and take care of the maintenance. The downside is that P needs to change before and after work, but he does not have a problem doing so. No longer will he be coming home with holes in his clothes from acid, and whatever the heck else he messes around with in his lab. His employer also provides a yearly allowance for steel toed boots. He purchased a nice pair and was nowhere near the limit. SS was in boot heaven, that girl loves shoes, this is going to become a problem when she is older. SS tried on a ten gallon hat, then chose a child hat and boots to try on. Sadly, she is unable or unwilling to understand that trying on does not equate purchase. SS left with a huge frown on her face and an even uglier attitude.

After picking up a few items for dinner, we went to a nearby mall to walk around. We went into the D*sney Store, and SS did not notice any of the D*sney characters merchandise, instead she went straight to The Av*ngers display. She claims that Captain Americ@ is her favorite, but we know how quickly she changes her mind. We are planning to take her to see the movie in a setting she has never experienced. That is, if said setting cooperates by showing the movie.

Perhaps boosted by the library card cementing her big girl status, SS proceeded to "picK" her car. SS's godmother already commented that she needs better taste in terms of color. The only reason she liked the color is that she is into the Tr@nsformers character Bumble Bee, and obviously those are his colors. The funny thing is that years ago P went through a yellow and black stage. I bought him a messenger bag and CD case in those colors, since I could not afford the yellow and black Xterra he coveted. The thought of SS driving scares the daylights out of us. I feel really bad for P, because by the time SS is sixteen, either Alzheirmer's or dementia will keep me blissfully ignorant of my surroundings. P is going to enjoy the whole show of sound mind and body.

Right behind SS's future wheels we found the cutest playground with a car theme. SS was in car bliss, and quickly made a friend, then many friends, all male. The thought of SS driving gives us the heebie jeebies, watching SS sitting in a convertible with a boy, wow, no freaking way.

OK, much better, alone in a convertible we can certainly handle. There's also hope that she would want to become a nun. Never mind that we are not Catholic (as in practicing in P's case), it is a perfectly reasonable hope to harbor.

This is a slide, no steps, SS had to climb on the hood, then slide down the back. She LOVED it. Here she is "driving" the truck, and making one her many weird faces.

And the Oscar goes to...

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