Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blazing S.

Fun in the sun really takes a toll on the body. Today we had to contend with a stronger than usual wind, that made us work harder. My shoulders and arms were burning, something that should have happened and didn't last week.  P thinks that I was trying too hard, I don't recall overdoing it, but who knows.  Plus old age is one bitter b*tch.

SS had asked to try the playground at the beach, and today she got her wish. It is a pretty neat structure, and reminded me of the parks in China.  And for the second time this week SS finally sat on a swing. I only got her to try one without freaking out a few days ago. Today she asked for my help, but then became afraid in a few minutes. Such a paradox our girl, log ride is OK, wave pool OK, swings where she can control her speed, noooooo, that freaks her out.

SS had lunch at the table with the teens and once again had a great time.  We met another teen today, who was surprisingly willing to be around her parents. They are a nice group of kids.

We arrived home a little while ago, and are now having dinner. SS is having a feast day. She ate part of a breakfast sandwich on the drive home, then chased it with cheese and crackers. She announced she was full when we were only a few minutes from home. Not surprising, since she ate steadily the entire drive. Now she is having beef with broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, rice and noodles. Paddy and I are very grateful that he is home on Mondays, but more grateful for the 9 hours of comp time he is getting tomorrow, while lounging at home.

Michelle, praying for your aunt and of course, for you. We missed you guys today.

SS sporting her new hat and check out the attitude to go perfectly with it. SS's hat was a hit with the group, especially the teens;  they like her skulls and bones, super hero, there's no way I'll conform to gender stereotypes style.

Feed the girl, get a smile, pretty good deal.

M gave SS a Blazing Paddles t-shirts, and SS was so happy to wear one, just like the big girls. They really go out of their way to make the kids feel included. During warm up they are asked to do the counting, and are encouraged to help clean the boat after practice. This time we remembered SS's sand toys, and our little paddler happily helped, pouring water in the boat, with lots of help from her Baba.

Practicing her Kung Fu moves.

P was exhausted and ended up taking a well deserved, but short nap.

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