Monday, April 01, 2013

Knott's Berry Bloom

When I opened the box with the bunny costume from Grandpa I was worried. Concerned about our super hero loving girl's reaction.  She surprised us alright, immediately falling in love with the costume, and we promised to take her to see the Easter Beagle so he could see her all decked out. Grandpa not only sent the costume, but the tights and a pink tutu for variety. We thought SS was going to be in a sea of bunny outfits, and were blown away that she was the only kid there in full bunny regalia. At least among the many kids we saw during our time there. We saw a few bunny ears, but no fellow bunnies.  SS received a lot of compliments from the moment she entered the park until we departed. But the funniest exchange happened with Snoopy and Woodstock who got such a kick out of her outfit that they hammed it up with her, including all three showing their tails. Grandpa did really good according to many of SS's fans.

When we visited barely two months ago SS was in tears over not making the minimum required height of 42" to ride the Dragon Swing. P measured her again and much to our surprise she is 42 inches tall and high tailed it to the dragon ride. We all learned a lesson on why being able to do something does not equate being able to handle it. As soon as the ride began to move SS started screaming, she was terrified. We chose the seat that would have the least elevation, but that did not help. She was screaming, hanging on to us, while we held on tight and tried to offer comfort. Those were the longest two minutes I have experienced in a long time. SS will not be returning to that ride, probably ever.

Some quick thinking by P got us some redemption. SS was able to be a passenger on the bumper cars, and we had fun chasing P around and bumping into his car. Since P is not competitive at all, nor holds a grudge, he declared next time SS is riding with him. He also intends on bumping into my car mercilessly as pay back, and will win. SS has such mature parents.  We had a great time at the park and brought SS back home too late. It was not as difficult to wake SS as anticipated. I did send P in to wake her up, I do have some self preservation skills. 

This stroller has had the most use of any of SS's things, even her crib. Now that's a sad statement.

Without a doubt, the best looking bunny ever.

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