Thursday, April 11, 2013

Under the weather.

Yesterday afternoon SS informed P that she would not be attending school today because she had "the cough and the sneezes." SS has her own SS speak and we hear frequently about "the cough," it's the first time "the sneezes" have made an appearance. And darn she was right, and by this morning was about to hurl during a cough fit. We really couldn't send her to school after a rough night with the cough and then the rude awakening she had this morning.

Then SS's six year old impatience kicked in. Barely five minutes after getting her medication she slumped on my chest, sniffled and said "Mama I don't feel well, this medicine is not working." I had to explain that it would take a while and darn if that wasn't the longest twenty minutes ever. Like her father SS is the first person ever to be afflicted with the common cold and in a life threatening manner. She just complained that "medicine doesn't help Mama." It does SS, when your lame a$$ Mama remembers to give you another dosage.

Our coughing/sneezing machine gave us a much needed laugh yesterday right after dinner. P went outside to take care of something he was not looking forward to do. Trying to be supportive I said " Good luck Babe." SS happily piped up "Yeah, get lucky Baba!" Never thought I'd hear that coming from SS and definitely not towards her Baba. Thankfully she is too young to understand that the two phrases have completely different meanings. Even when she is not feeling well she manages to slay us.

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