Friday, April 12, 2013

I love you this much.

It's not unusual for kids and parents to engage in the "I love you this much" talk (or competition). Been there done that, but once again SS makes the routine interesting. SS talks about love with numbers, huge numbers. She makes them up orally but has only managed up to one hundred and ninety something.  She then realized she could make up her own numbers, larger numbers to relay the magnitude of her love.  SS moved on to a toy cash register, but that only allowed about 9-12 numbers, apparently not enough. Yesterday afternoon she proudly brought the drawing below to me, mighty proud of herself.  It's cute, it's quirky and a little weird. Lately SS has become more proficient with numbers much to the detriment of her language skills. Math, Legos, directions, and spatial relationships just make sense to her. But the I love you thing with numbers? That one is new to us. 

Our girl requested to return to school today.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the amount of homework I had her do yesterday. Even though she still had "the cough," she insisted she was feeling much better.  She even asked for that good for nothing medicine. The picture was taken yesterday during a homework break.

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