Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yet another lapse in posting.

I obviously was not kidding when I said this transition has come along with a lot of growing pains.  In two weeks I'll be working very close to home permanently, and just like that our summer is gone.  We are still doing some major reassuring to ease SS's anxiety, but she would just like things to be the way they used to be. Because if there is one thing our high maintenance girl can't stand is a decrease in attention. The novelty of attending big girl summer camp has worn off, and now it is just like going to school. On a good day this is the last glimpse I get of SS.

If you look in front of them you will see a puddle, caused every other day by the sprinklers. It is beneath SS to navigate such a hazard, and Baba comes to the rescue by carrying her to the van. The truly shameful part is that this is how she gets to the van on the days the sprinklers do not go off.  No wonder the little stinker is smiling. Like all of us, SS has good days...

She has so so days...

And she makes sure we all suffer on her bad days...

How bad does it get on SS's bad days? We take team work to an incredibly ridiculous level. One of us holds her in the shower, while the other one bathes her. Don't judge us, it gets us out of the house in time with the least tears, kicking and screaming.

We are very grateful for the help we have received from E's Mama, Ms. D. On Wednesdays she picks up SS from camp around 10:30, then they go to E's swimming lessons. Ms. D makes sure that SS eats all her lunch, and SS really enjoys having a picnic with her while E swims.  The girls get to play after swimming, then Ms. D then drives the girls to tutoring. Since class is over at 4:00 p.m. P did not want Ms. D to have to wait for him.  On Wednesdays he takes half an hour personal time off and is there to meet SS at the end of her class.

OK, their day is not over because there's a little break then it is off to swimming. I have just a few pictures of SS, mainly taken with my phone as I arrive. I have been asking P to take the good camera, but by that time of the day he is exhausted, the heat is getting to him, and he could not care less about looking for the damn camera. SS's teachers asked us for a picture on the last day of her second session. They change teachers every session, and thankfully SS is still enjoying swimming. 

And while Wednesdays are still SS's long days, the picture below was taken on a Thursday. It's been a long time since SS has fallen asleep at the table.

P relaxing with two of his Baba's Day gifts.

P really liked one of SS's Valentine's Day pictures, so I gave him a personalized cell phone cover.  Now he can look at it anytime he pleases. Yes, the hammock was also a gift, although SS begs to differ.

I woke up last Saturday to this, and let me tell you it was scary.  SS just loves doing this to me. AFter she was done laughing she wanted me to take a picture.  I was not amused, however, I tried the picture on my desktop at work and loved it.

I don't blame SS for wanting her old life back , I miss my baby so much.

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